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Disney Crafts For Adults

 Disney Crafts For Adults. Some of the best diy disney costumes you can find are mr. Potato head rapunzel peter pan s escaped shadow sully mike and boo olaf and tweedledee and tweedledum.

Guys i'm drawing again but this time. Instead of makeup i am using prismacolor. Pencils i love them today i'm showing. You my version of disney's beautiful. Princess cinderella ps also if you. Haven't seen friday's video which is the. Crayon tower challenge go ahead and. Check that out. I want that below along with the dry. With makeup video it's been a while. Since i've done drawing on my channel. And a ton of you have been asking over. The past months and even a couple of. Years for me to do more because i used. To do with ton of doodles so i decided. To do something working to get because. Today's video is actually a collab with. A couple of my really close youtube. 

Friends as in chrissy from glamour like. Fox who did this awesome aos and sophia. From sophia stiles who did this. Beautiful flower lipstick after you. Finished watching this drawing video. Please go on over and check out their. Videos and subscribe to their channels. I'll list their channels and videos in. The description box below. Pretty please subscribe to me as well so. We can grow to 2 million so craptastic. Family members and beyond and also to. This video a thumbs up now let's get. Into it. First off right off the bat i decided to. Draw some very quick rough sketches of. Different princesses in various poses. With different hairstyles and dresses. This was just done on scrap paper and. Then when i wanted to move on to the. Actual drawing i'm using this watercolor. Paper but it's fairly inexpensive so i. Don't know how good the quality is it's. Just that it's pretty much all that i. Have and it's thicker than cardstock. Which is what i usually draw on so i. Need to get some drawing paper you can. Draw on anything you want though even. Computer paper is fine i recommend that. You measure out some borders on your. Page to see where you want to put the. Drawing and have it centered so i'm just. Doing inch borders and this is just. Going to help me as a guideline so i. Don't draw over the edge of the pages on. Accident so i just use a ruler and make. 

Some little marks and at this point the. Page looks pretty messy i also divided. It in half i'm going lengthwise and. Widthwise so that's why there's so many. Marks on this page now i'm kind of. Measuring out the proportions of the. Princess that i want to make bigger so. If you notice. Her waistline is over halfway up so that. Is why i'm drawing this line above the. Halfway mark so that is where i'm going. To start drawing the skirt so it's going. To a line from here which basically. Means it's kind of like a triangle it. Goes out it flows outward and this is a. Very rough sketch of the skirt it's not. Going to actually be this shape but it's. Just i like to under sketch i guess it. Helps me out and helps me picture it. Also i don't know if you noticed i'm. Drawing on top of a scrap piece of paper. This helps me to draw lighter lines if i. Draw right on the desk. It makes my lines a lot darker and it. Causes me to push a little harder so it. Helps to have something a little bit. Softer underneath sketch as softly as. Possible because you don't want these. Lines to be in the final and you can. Also use drawing pencils but i just. Normally use number-two pencils for. Whatever reason here i just made the. Waistline a little bit thinner any race. To any of the pencil lines that i didn't. Need and now i'm just moving on to the. Bodice or the torso and working my way. Up to the sleeves and arms which are. Very rough arms by the way i actually. End up changing the position of these a. Few times later on so nothing that you. Do right now has to be set in stone that. Is why i draw and pencil and not pen or. Color pencil or anything just so i can. Change things easily she's not standing. Exactly straight so that's why the. Center line doesn't go right down her. Middle so she's off to the right a. Little bit on the screen she is facing. Left she's facing to her left i just. Kind of ensel in an oval for the head. Again i'm not worrying about any of the. Detailing right now i'm going back into. The skirt part though and i'm just. Dividing it to make it layered which. You'll see later i'm just drawing two. Lines that flow out from the bottom of. The point at the waist line i moved up. To the sleeves and i'm finalizing the. Shape of those and then after that i am. Well i thought i was going to finalize. The arm but i didn't like the way that. The hand look i'm using reference photos. But it just kind of looked off in the. Reference photo as well so. 

I decided i'm going to change this hand. And i'm not copying them line for line. Or anything i'm just taking the basic. Ideas of different positions and. Different dress shapes and i am taking a. Bunch of those and compiling those into. One princess that is my own style. Basically because i could not come up. With this off the top of my head and not. Have anything to look at so i think this. Looks more realistic and natural than. The other way that the hands were facing. And i put her other arm resting on her. Hip so she's a little sassy. Or just posing for pictures i do the hip. Pose all the time it's like a go-to i. Went in and drew a face shape but i was. Not happy with it so i don't know i. Tried to do a more authentic princess. Head shape here and actually look at a. Disney type picture i think it was by. Disney it was a newer modern disney. Picture of cinderella though and i just. Decided that it did not fit with the. Style of the drawing it was a little off. It was tilted weird and the shape of the. Head i don't know just everything i. Didn't like about it so instead of. Leaving it i decided to erase the whole. Thing and just go and put a new head on. Basically and i think this looks a lot. Better and it's definitely more stylized. Too so i can definitely call it my own. Instead of saying that this is just. Cinderella it's kind of any kind of. Princess it could be someone dressed as. Cinderella for halloween because it's. Not the actual disney face after all. Your line work is done then go ahead and. Erase any extra lines that you don't. Need any of those border lines a little. Marks and i also make my lines in. General lighter at this point by just. Erasing over them unless you're going to. Do black outlines i don't want to do. Black outlines on this one so i just. Make them lighter because i want the. Color to be able to show up i'm using. Prismacolor pencils for this project and. I used to use crayolas all the time i. Just got these about a year and a half. Ago and i've only used them a few times. But they are amazing so we definitely. Recommend them and use a 40 or 50. Percent off coupon to get them at a. Craft store if. You can they're fairly expensive but. That'll save you a lot of money it was a. Gift for me but still expensive so. Anyway i am just going over the outlines. With the colors that i want that section. 

To be if that makes sense so i'm having. This part of the skirt be a darker blue. So i'm doing all the outlines and a. Darker blue but i'm not pressing very. Hard yet once i've done that lightly. With a few colors then i go back into. The areas and darken them up where i. Want them to be darkened basically and. Along the lines you can see that i'm. Kind of feathering it out a little bit. With the darker color and this will help. You to create shadows and it's going to. Play into the highlight and blending. Later on as well so do that for all the. Lines you can definitely look at. Pictures of people in clothing and see. Where the sun hits and where the shadows. Fall and everything you should have a. Light source in mind of where the lights. Coming from i have not drawn in a really. Long time so i just am kind of. Pretending that these are light sources. But i don't think they would actually. Hit at these points for the middle. Instead of having the pencil line i. Completely erased it where those white. Areas are and i am darkening around them. So just draw a dark blue line all the. Way up and that will create an imaginary. Line basically so that's the way to draw. Very professionally basically you don't. Want pencil lines being an outline you. Want to create lines by using shading. And highlights so i'm kind of doing that. But not with the entire picture again. I'm feathering and making a gradient. From dark to light yeah like this see i. Jumped ahead a lot this drawing took me. Such a long time i cut away a lot of. Scenes this would have taken hours of. Footage and the video wouldn't have been. That long obviously but to edit it would. Have been crazy so dark and where you. Need to be darkened of course and the. Cool thing about prismacolor pencils is. You can take the white pencil and you. Can color over areas and it will lighten. It a bit and blend it with crayolas it's. Not it's not easy to blend and the white. Doesn't really show up over things so. That's one of the very positive things. About these pencils in particular so now. See i have darkened more areas with the. Darker blue and i'm just showing you my. Shading process basically i'm using lots. Of different colors of blue for this. This is a different blue it's more of a. Cerulean and i'm just doing lightly over. The highlight area and i'm taking a very. Light bluish gray and i am lightening. The black area at the bottom of the. Skirt it's supposed to be a fold in the. Dress and i know it's not super. Realistic but i tried so i thought the. Fading would make it blend a little. Better and then i'm going over with the. Even darker blue that is very sharpened. And pointy and i am just defining the. Outlines which brings the drawing to. Life more so in my opinion and that was. My shoulder cracking if you heard that. Then i'm taking that same light blue and. I'm going over the highlights in the. Skirt and then i am taking a white and. Doing the same thing but pressing harder. With that white that's also blending the. Blue a little bit and then you can go. Back in with blue and working on that. Other fold at the bottom that's the last. One and putting more dark outline then. I'm moving on to the gloves and for this. I'm using a very light gray super light. And i am outlining the gloves with it. Just along the pencil line and i know. The paper is white already but it's a. Little tiny bit off light so i am using. White to just color in the gloves and. This also makes it drawing more uniform. So everything's the same texture and the. Gloves wouldn't be just paper and. Everything else be color pencil and i'm. Actually making my own flesh tone by. Blending about four or five different. Pencils so i have kind of a peachy one a. Yellowy orange ii peach and then i have. Pink and another kind of sandy color and. I just blended all those together and. Put white over them you can make. Whatever splash tone that you want but. I'm doing that for the chest area and. The neck and see i'm just blending all. Those colors together very very lightly. 

Just. Don't press too hard at first until you. Get the color right and then you can. Push a little bit harder when you get. The lighter colors to blend them and the. White to go over it i'm keeping. Cinderella blonde so i am doing the. Outlines of her hair with a tan color. And then a golden yellow keep filling in. The outlines with the darker color and. Also add little swoops of hair to make. The hair look textured because otherwise. It would just be super flat and you can. Go around the bun or whatever hairstyle. You want and just kind of add a few. Lines like so i had the headband looking. Like it's sticking in some of the hair. So that's why there's a couple lines. Around it and then i just moved on to. The lips and face is very very very. Small and these pencils are not as. Sharpened as i should have been so i. Didn't get to do a ton of defining with. The lips or the face or anything and i. Had erase so many times that i had. Planned to make her eyes open at first. But the page is kind of worn out and. Almost tearing and like pilly at this. Spot so instead of making opened eyes i. Decided to just keep them closed so she. Just has eyelids with long eyelashes. Basically and i wasn't sure how to make. Her look like she was looking down. That's why i had her face kind of tilted. At the beginning but i changed it and. Now she just looks like she's looking. Straight so i don't know what this. Facial expression is she almost kind of. Looks sad and i did not intend for her. To look sad maybe she's deep in thought. Or she's daydreaming she could be. Daydreaming too so that's another thing. But i did not intend for her to look sad. So if any of you guys point out why is. She not smiling or anything i tried i. Don't know i didn't think that it would. Come across as this i need more practice. With faces and tiny faces for sure but i. Just filled in the flesh tone of her. Face with the same colors that i did in. The arms and chest but for some reason. Her arms seemed super dark more dark. Than the rest of her i guess that's. Realistic though because my actual face. When i don't wear foundation is always a. Little bit lighter than my chest so in. My arms so i put blush. Her - i just give her a little bit more. Life and that is pretty much it yeah i. Just went over the nose again and then i. Filled in her choker i kept her as. Authentic as possible while still. Putting my own twist on it and she has a. Pretty earring and yeah that is that is. It i guess so. This is my cinderella stylized. Cinderella so definitely not an actual. Like disney version but i think you guys. Get the idea of how to just shade a. Little and how to add your own flair to. An outfit and you could change the. Colors up and create any princess that. You want using a similar method to the. One that i showed you here so if you do. End up drawing a princess or anything. Let me see. Show me on instagram or twitter or. Facebook by using hashtag so craft. Tastic i would love to see your drawings. 

Thank you guys so much for watching if. You did enjoy please give this video a. Thumbs up and subscribe to become a. Member of the so craptastic family and. You'll never miss a video if you do that. Because it will notify you in your feed. Anyway if you want to see more drawing. Videos let me know in comments section. Below what i should draw next other. Types of drawing challenges or other. Types of drawing videos are to do. Anything that you want to see even if. It's not drawing let me know also don't. Forget to go check out my friends videos. Sophia and chrissy are awesome girls and. They make amazing videos all the time. Lots of diys lots of beauty stuff and. Just tons of fun so go check them out. Their links below as i mentioned in the. Beginning go check me out on social. Media i have snapchat twitter facebook. And instagram and i hope you guys have a. Great rest of the day i'll see you very. Soon in my next video which is coming up. On friday bye my pencils. 

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