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Coffee Table Redo Ideas

 Coffee Table Redo Ideas. See more ideas about coffee table coffee table makeover table makeover. Your quick catalog of gorgeous coffee table makeover ideas you re totally going to want to redo your coffee table after seeing this. Hello my name is kelsey and welcome to. This episode of becoming home i don't. Know about you but i've always wanted to. Refinish a dining room or kitchen table. And i finally got that opportunity my. Husband helps some friends of ours move. Into a new apartment and they offered. Him some furniture they didn't need. Anymore when i got home from work this. Table was waiting for me and despite its. Appearance i was super excited finally a. Chance to try my hand at refinishing a. Table here are some before shots of the. Table as you can see the color is. Horrendous and the surface is marred by. Scuffs and water marks not to mention. Scratches. However it's made of solid wood don't. Ask me what kind and is sturdy and. Strong with two leaves the table extends. To seven and a half feet which will come. In really handy for gatherings and. Holidays the first thing we're going to. Do is strip the old finish off the table. So grab some coarse grit sandpaper. I used 80 and start sanding if you're. New to sanding like iowa's the number on. The sandpaper refers to the coarseness. Or fineness of the paper the lower the. Number the coarser it is and the more. Material it's going to remove so 80 grit. Is going to be rougher than say 220 grit. And is going to be a more efficient tool. For removing the finish sanding my hand. Is a time and labor-intensive task as. You can see when i wipe away the dust. There were plenty of spots where the. Finish remains the idea is to get it. Down to raw wood so that you have a. Smooth and clean surface to work with. Another thing you should know about. Sanding is that you always want to go. With the grain of the wood if you go. Against the grain you're going to end up. With scratches which may not be visible. 

At this point but will definitely show. Up when you stain or paint i have my. Sanding block but there are also times. When using the sandpaper provides a more. Direct and focused tool on the bevel the. Edge of the sanding block came in really. Handy. Here's a comparison shot of the two. Leaves one with the original surface and. One with the finish removed just a. Teaser of the beautiful wood underneath. The old dated finish but there's no time. To stop an admirer just keep sanding and. Sanding and sanding guys i do not think. I will tackle another project this big. Without first purchasing an orbital. Sander i wanted to show you that it can. Be done on a budget without power tools. And they also found it a rewarding. Experience to sand the entire thing by. Hand but believe me it's hard work it. Takes hours days even to sand down an. Entire table your shoulders and wrists. Will complain it's tough on your hands. Better believe your manicure won't. Survive you'll get sweaty and dusty and. So will everything else in the vicinity. But the end product is definitely worth. It. Remember what i said about sanding with. The grain well that's all well and good. When you're talking about the flat. Tabletop but do you see that beveled. Edge on my table there was no way i. Would have been able to remove the. Finish on the edge without sanding. Against the grain as it was i still had. Trouble getting right into the corner in. Order to completely remove the finish. Here you can see me sanding across the. Grain i slowed it down to real-time so. You can see some of the detail which. Would have been lost in the time lapse. I'm halfway done i may not look it but. When i wipe down the table with water. And so the clean and gorgeous wood under. All the dust my heart was thumping i was. Becoming super excited for the completed. Product definite motivation to keep. Sanding and strip the rest of the nasty. Yellowed finish. And here is the completely stripped. Table with both leaves in see how long. It is plenty of room for guests now it's. Time to use a finer grit sandpaper to. Even out the surface remove the. Scratches lift by the 80 grit sandpaper. And get a nice smooth tabletop i'm using. 120 grit sandpaper and since i'm no. Longer trying to remove material and. Being more methodical and keeping my. Strokes long and even i also sand it. Around the entire beveled edge and even. That out i'm also using the 120 grit. Paper to sand down my table legs. I'm planning on painting the legs so i. Don't need to strip off the finish. Entirely but i do need a surface that. The paint will adhere to my goal here is. To roughen the surface of the wood so. That the paint will stick without giving. Myself extra worth buy entirely removing. The finish as you can tell i'm just. Using a light buffing motion to roughen. The glossy surface once i was done with. That round of sanding i took the time to. Wipe down my table with water and really. Get my working area clean the fine. Particles of dust get into all the nooks. And crannies of the table and i wanted. To be sure i wasn't missing any. Imperfections in the surface or areas. That needed extra attention don't forget. About the seams between the leaves where. Dust will accumulate especially when you. Start staining and painting you don't. Want exist dust flying around and. Adhering to the sticky surfaces i also. Shook out my sheet and swept the floor. There's no point in cleaning off your. Table if you're going to continue to. Kick dust up into the air with your feet. It's time for the final round of sandy. The ideal with using finer and finer. Sandpaper is that each level sands out. The scratches made by the previous grit. I used 80 grit then 120 and finally 220. Grit to get the desired surface the fine. Grade of the 220 grit paper is going to. Ensure that my tabletop is smooth and. Blemish free in fact the wood almost. Felt soft after the step i was very. Methodical and worked my way from one. Side of the table to the other i was. Also really careful to sand with the. Grain and avoid making any sort of. Horizontal strokes before i started this. Project i read lots of how-to thunder. Staining and all of them stressed how. Important it was to ensure the surface. Was smooth and even scratches that were. Not visible before staining would stand. Out like a sore thumb afterwards so i. Really took the time to go over the. Entire surface of my table with the 220. Grit paper i looked over the table at. Different angles and used the lighting. To my advantage you'll see me running my. Hand along the table. You're sensitive palm can be a great. Tool to locate those problem areas that. Are not readily visible to the naked eye. Once you're satisfied with the. Appearance and surface of your table. It's time to prep for staining first i. Use my vacuum cleaner to suck away the. Dust i just generated with my sanding i. Also vacuum the floor of the garage so. That my work area was as clean and dust. Free as possible when you're working. With stain or paint any dust particles. Flying around in the air can get stuck. To wet surfaces and we'll end up marring. 

The smooth finish that you're striving. For you'll notice that while i'm. Vacuuming i'm still finding spots i'm. Not completely happy with i'm probably. Being a little paranoid but remember. This table is my first project and they. Didn't want to have to sand again after. I'd stained i had already done enough. Sandy if there are any unmistakable. Scratches or mistakes after you stain. You'll have to reese and the entire. Surface of the table and remove the. Stain if you attempt to just sand the. Blemish and then we. In that area the table will end up. Looking blotchy here are some shots of. The table completely sanded and smooth. And ready for staining. I love the grain in the wood how smooth. It feels and how different it looks. Already compared to the original you may. Notice some deeper scratches and marks. In the wood that weren't removed with. The sanding ended i embrace those marks. As character a story of where this table. Has been the final step before stay mean. Is to wipe down the table with a tack. Cloth a tack cloth is a sticky piece of. Gauze that picks up any last particles. Of dust run it over the entire table and. You're set now the table is ready for. Stain this was the most exciting part of. The project for me i was so looking. Forward to the transformation that was. About to take place for staining you'll. Definitely want to wear gloves make sure. To read the directions and the can of. Stain you choose stir the stain with an. Old table knife or clean stick before. You use it you have the choice to use. Either a brush or a clean cloth dip your. Cloth or brush into the can and start. Applying the stain i chose to use a. Cloth because i wanted to be able to. Really rub the stain into the wood i. Applied the stain in the direction of. The grain and use circular motions to. Ensure complete coverage using a cloth. Also help prevent blotchiness by making. It easier to blend between light and. Dark areas of the wood stain typically. Dries lighter than it looks when it's. Wet so once i applied the initial stain. I went back and applied more you'll see. That i'm applying excess liquid and one. Of the woods to soak up as much color as. Possible i let the excess stain sit on. The table for about five minutes before. I wiped it all blend any areas that look. Blotchy and make sure you don't let any. Excess dry onto the table after about. Four to six hours once it's completely. Dry you can deepen the color by applying. Another coat i was happy with the color. Of my table after the first round of. Staining so i was able to move on to the. Next step which is applying a protective. Finish. Here are some shots of the table top. Once the stain had completely dried this. Is before i applied any protective coat. So you'll notice there's no sheen to the. Wood. I love how dark the pattern of the grain. Became as well as the rich brown color. And the bright sunlight parts of the. Table appeared yellower than i liked and. This worried me a little but once i. Applied the protective coat these became. Wonderful golden highlights rather than. Gory yellow when it comes to protective. Finishes there are so many options out. There that it can be overwhelming. Varnish shellac water-based polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane and poly acrylic. Are only some of the terms you'll hear. And read when researching which to use. Shellac can be affected by heat and. Varnish is mostly used for outdoor items. So i ruled those out pretty quickly. Polyurethane comes both as an oil base. And water base the oil base is more. Durable but it's also difficult to clean. Up has a longer drying time and can. Result in the yellow tinge to the wood. Water-based polyurethane is not as. Durable but it dries faster and won't. Affect the color like shellac however. Traditional water-based polyurethane can. Be affected by heat and your table may. End up with white rings on it polycrylic. To the rescue polycrylic is a fortified. Water-based finish it has all the good. Attributes of water-based polyurethane. 

But with added durability after applying. The first coat of poly acrylic to the. Tabletop i started painting the legs. Being careful not to touch the tabletop. As it was still wet i decided to paint. The legs of my table white i considered. A blue or a grey but simplicity won me. Over. I used a paint with primer already in it. So that i didn't have to prime the table. Before painting make sure you stir your. Pen really well as the ingredients are. Often separated the first coat of paint. Will probably look pretty thin and you. Will probably still be able to see the. Wood don't worry about this in fact it's. Better to get a thin and even coat than. To apply it too thickly and end with. Rivulets of paint running down the legs. Here's a shot of the table with one coat. Of poly acrylic and one. Of paint you can see the paint is thin. And the brushstrokes are visible once. The first coat of paint dried i went. Ahead and applied a second coat if you. Applied the first coat lightly enough. There'll be no need to sand in between. Coats of paint if you do have places. Where the paint ran or you have uneven. Spots you may want to sand those down. Before your next coat don't forget to. Paint the gaps in between the leaves of. The table otherwise they'll be really. Obvious dark lines you'll need to paint. The leaves as well as the table itself. Make sure that the leaves are dry enough. To handle and that you're not placing. Any wet surfaces down on the ground at. This point in the project there's. Definitely a lot of downtime while you. Wait for kurt's to dry before continuing. You'd never want to risk ruining your. Hard work with impatience always follow. The recommended drying times on the cans. Of product you will need to sand in. Between the coats of poly acrylic with a. Fine grit sandpaper i use the same 220. Grit that i used earlier but you could. Go with a higher grit if you desired. Make sure that your table legs are. Completely dry before you do any sanding. You don't want the dust to adhere to the. Paint and make it look dirty the purpose. Of sanding between coats of poly acrylic. Is to ensure a really smooth and even. Finish with no bumps or imperfections. Just to a really light and even sanding. Of the entire surface i admit when i saw. How white the table looked while sanding. I was a little worried that i should. Have chosen a higher grit but once the. Next coat of poly acrylic went on the. Color reverted to the rich dark brown i. Wanted. Don't forget the edge of your table if. It's beveled like mine then the. Polycrylic is likely to have pooled in. The crease and needs to be sanded down. Wipe the dust off the table with a tack. Cloth before you start your next coat of. Finish at this point i lightly sand it. Down my table legs i wanted to give them. At least one coat of protective finish. As well if you did a really great paint. Job you probably don't need to sand. Before applying the finish but i had a. Couple of uneven spots that i wanted to. Sand away when you're applying. Polycrylic. You want to work as quickly but as. Accurately as possible keep your brush. Strokes even. Don't apply too much product at a time. Polycrylic dries really quickly so don't. Go back to a section that you've already. Painted you'll ruin the smooth finish. And the brush strokes will show if you. Apply the polycrylic too thickly it may. Dry milky white instead of the clear. Coat it's supposed to be this was. Probably the most intimidating part of. The project for me it was a struggle to. Refrain from going back over my work i. Ended up putting two coats of poly. Acrylic on my table legs i wanted to. Protect the paint from chips and. Scratches from the knocks of chairs and. The bumps of moving if i were to go back. In time however i would just give them. One kurt because poly acrylic is so. Runny it's difficult to work on vertical. Surfaces like table legs this makes it. Difficult to get full coverage and apply. 

The product evenly there are some areas. On my table legs where the poly acrylic. Looks yellow over the white paint i. Think this could have been avoided by. Giving the legs just one coat instead of. Two because the poly acrylic dries so. Fast i got a little white rim all around. The edge of my table this required some. Extra sanding attention to get it smooth. There are some points on my table where. You can tell my sanding was overzealous. And there are some points where you can. Still see a little white rim none of. These mistakes are glaring issues and. Are really only visible if you look very. Closely during my next coat of poly. Acrylic i tried to be more careful at. The edge so that it didn't go on too. Thickly and dry that way this was my. Final round of sanding before i applied. The third and final coat of poly acrylic. Remember to always wipe down the table. With a tack cloth after you finish. Sanding and before you apply the next. Coat of poly acrylic and always make. Sure the previous coat is completely dry. Before moving on i applied a total of. Three coats of poly acrylic to my table. Top if you think you need more. Durability you can always apply. Additional coats however i have been. Very happy with my tables resistance to. Wear and tear i have left glasses with. Condensation sitting on it and i've. Placed hot dishes on the wood with no. Negative results no white rings. Spills are easily wiped up and there are. No scratches or dents from the finish. The surface continues to be smooth and. Glossy with no chipping and the paint or. The polycrylic at the seams with the. Leaves are added the polycrylic ran down. The cracks and dried the edge was. Roughing and even causing the seam to. Look wider and more conspicuous once i. Lightly sanded down these inner edges. Both on the table and on the leaves the. Pots fit together as smoothly and evenly. As before the last step to finishing. Your table is to rub the tabletop down. With a piece of brown paper or newsprint. This burnished azure polishes the table. And helps get rid of any last flakes or. Impurities that may have stuck to the. Finish this dining room table turned out. To be everything i hoped and imagined it. Would be even though this was the first. Time i tackled me finishing a piece of. Furniture it didn't end horribly but. Became a beautiful functional table that. Makes my heart happy every time i see it. Before we got this table we were using a. Square card table for mormont through. The generosity of our friends and some. Diy a hard work and sweat we now have. This wonderful table that graces the. Space at center i hope this tutorial has. Inspired you to tackle your own. Refinishing project i found the. Experience to be immensely rewarding and. A great adventure it was well worth the. Hard work since we got the table as a. Gift the only costs were the paint stain. Polycrylic and the sand paper even if. You buy an old table at a thrift store. Garage sale doing it yourself can save. You a lot of money compared to buying. New so go thrifting or look at a table. You already have with new eyes if you. Enjoyed this video be sure and subscribe. You can watch my other videos by. Clicking here or read my blog post by. Clicking the link below. 

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