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Child Step Stool Plans

 Child Step Stool Plans. If you do not have a router you can always round the edges using a sander or sand paper. This is a very simple step stool that can be used for a child or an adult as well as it is very strong. And look this jack listen i've got to. Make a couple of these little step. Stools over the weekend here for. Neeson's babies and i made these days a. Lot of years ago for my grandkids and. Matter of fact it still sits right now. In our main bathroom because my wife. Always thought me so here i'll show you. What's cool about this thing it acts as. A real nice little bench if they can set. The living room watch tv or the bedroom. 

Or whatever and let me show you what. Else it does very real quick that back. That they use for the as a stool back. I throw take down a sets on the floor. And it makes a little three and a half. Inch up to seven inch step for the. Babies will help them get up to the sink. Wash your hands or get them drink of. Water or whatever they want to do and. You know this is a this is literally a. One-hour project that cost a couple of. Bucks to make and it just doesn't amount. To much and that's why every time i turn. Around somebody's having a baby they. Come one one or two of these so it is a. Neat little project all i did here was. Start off with a 12 inch long piece of. One bay now one by eight is actually. 

Only seven two quarter inches wide after. We get done machine it after you cut. Your board twelve inches let's come over. Two and 3/8 from both sides and then. Down one inch make two marks and then. Cut it right down to the to the corner. All right now if you cut this p here off. You want to mark over five inches and up. Two and 5/8 inches put a center there. And then drill a 3/8 inch hole right. Through there okay when you get done you. Want to round these corners i rounded. Mine to about a three-quarter inch. Radius ship after you around those. Corners off and drill through there. That's going to be the leg now you want. To make two of these make them identical. Now once you get your two legs cut. Alright and you got two holes in there. Cut a piece of one before. 12 inches long this little little piece. Of 1/4 bits 3/4 inches by three and a. Half inches and center that right. Between these two boards just make sure. Centered on the center here in the. Center here make sure it's good and. Flush with the top of these two legs. Make sure your holes are in the backside. Here where they belong and put a hefty. Glue on there and run a couple of five. Really close two inch deck screws from. This side right that's the wood i run. Three in there. Well there's drill a pilot hole first. Alright a little small pilot hole. Otherwise it'll crack you would make. Sure these legs are sitting good flat. Surface when you do that make sure it's. Good and square and in otherwise it will. Wobble a little bit when you said i. Understand on it okay now we're going to. Take another piece of 1 by 8 cut it off. 15 and 1/8 inches long okay now i want. You to do that then come in 1 and 3/16. Inch it's kind of hard to see there 1. And 3/16 inch in from both sides and cut. Away 6 and a quarter inches of that. Leaving a 1-inch ear back here ok and. Then just smooth all these surfaces here. This is going to be defeat so round all. These surfaces these three surfaces real. Good now once you get that seat cut out. Meds rounded real good you want to lay. It right on your base assembly here make. Sure the sides are good and square with. The legs again always keep it on a real. Good flat surface so so this bottom is. Parallel with this bottom otherwise. Wobble put a little glue on the surfaces. Of your two legs drill some pilot holes. Down through there probably about three. Again on each side and run you 2 inch. Screws by down there. Make sure them 2-inch deck screw heads. Are good and flush with your board here. And you see ears - kailah by the way. When you cut out this cutout right here. 

Don't run a circular all in and chop. Over this line too much because you want. This piece of wood here to be good in. The solid that's going to be the stop. For the seat back okay. Okay now we're to make two of these arms. That's going to hold the the bottom. Staff or the seat back whichever one you. Want to call what we do there is take a. 1 by 4 14 and 9/16 inches long then. You're going to come up 9 and 1/16 and. Cut it right in half so you'll end up a. 3/4 inch by 4 or not in 1/16 all right. Now to leave you a square up here that's. Five and a half inches long just take. The top off a coffee a small cup again. And lay it on there for a pattern and. Cut rounds on there. You want those a nice big round once you. Get to those cut out then this is kind. Of important that this is pretty. Accurate we zoom up on this a little bit. You want to come into the bottom in from. Bottom up one inch and then find the. Center part of the board it's going to. Be seven eight seven eighths of an inch. Over to the to the center and drill a. 3/8 inch hole through there all right. Now once you get this part made i don't. Have it drawn on it but what we're going. To do next is take a a one and. Three-quarter inch long piece 3/8 inch. Dowel rod both of these holes what. You're going to do is apply glue to the. Inside of the hole and then from the. Inside you're going to show that dowel. Rod in so it's flush with the outside of. The board okay so they're going to be a. Little different because on one you're. Going to shove it from one side and then. The other one of course you're going to. Shove it from the inside over here till. It's flush with the outside of the board. You want to show those dowel rods. Through that hotel it's flush on the. Outside of the board here and then you. Do this. Definitely before you attach this seat. To it and a next board you're going to. Cut is this you're going to take a piece. Of 1 2 6 15 and 1/8 inches long then. What we need to do is come in all about. Two and three-quarter inches inch both. Ends and make a mark and just put a. Little radius on there what that does is. When they're folding this lid down to. Get their fingers in there it reduces. The finger pinch i'm terrified to. Getting a finger pinch babies don't need. Your furniture to hurt them now i guess. Fun what you going to do is take this. Leg assembly that you made with that. Piece of three or three pinch that. Sticking through there and stick it. Right through that hole now what you. Need to do first is slide a thin metal. Washer on there. You need a moisture for a 3/8 inch bolt. So it's got the three h or a little bit. Bigger hole in there slide it right over. That go to kind of space this board away. From this one a little bit so it'll roll. Them down easily that thing over there. And just show that through that hole. Work at a few times to make sure it. Works easy so once you get both of those. Slid into these holes then take your. Back here or make sure this whole thing. Is sitting on a good flat surface or. Okay apply a little glue where this. Board is going to mate with with the arm. Drill some pilot holes about three of. Them and run your screws right down. Through into here okay once you get that. Done then you can pivot this up and. It'll be a chair or pivot it down you. Got this nice little two step ladder one. Other thing that i did and you want to. Do is go in right underneath here on. Both sides or one side it don't matter. And go over a little ways we'll go right. Into here and drill another 3/8 inch. Hole down from this surface just a. Little bit through through the leg but. Just go below here a little bit right in. 

That area 3/8 hole take an inch and a. Half long piece of dowel rod and. On the end of that thing real good. Around the end of the rod but put the. Blue inside the hole here stick that. Piece of dowel right there flush inside. That oughta leave about three-quarter. Inches sticking out on this side over. Here to keep this from swinging on down. Okay. Then sand that tar out of every surface. On here then it should however you like. Put a little stain on there and so. Polyurethane varnish and that little guy. Last you a long long time have fun with. It. 

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Included in the free plan are a step by step building list a tools list a materials list a parts cut list and extra tips. It s a great design for kids and works perfectly in the kitchen letting them reach the counters and kitchen island. Simple step stool for a child.

If you do not have a router you can always round the edges using a sander or sand paper.

Drill holes for upper step adjustment. You could use a piece of 1 x 6 or 2 x 6 to make it. If you do not have a router you can always round the edges using a sander or sand paper. It s a great design for kids and works perfectly in the kitchen letting them reach the counters and kitchen island.

This page contains many info about child step stool plans.

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