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Cheap Fall Crafts For Adults

 Cheap Fall Crafts For Adults. To make paint a small area of modge podge on the pumpkin s surface and using tweezers carefully place a pressed leaf or flower on. Cheap crafts you can make for less than 5. Hey guys it's megan so in today's video. I'm going to be showing you guys three. Different diys that you can make for. Fall i know it's probably a little bit. Early to be thinking about fall but i. Wanted to get this video up early so. That you guys would have lots of time to. Make these projects so let's just get. Into the video the first project is. 

These recycled pumpkins to make this. You'll need some toilet paper rolls or. Some paper towel rolls if you're using. Toilet paper rolls you'll need three of. Them but if you're using paper towel. Rolls you'll only need one of them. You'll also need either some glitter and. Glue or some acrylic paint a stick from. Outside some scissors a hot glue gun and. A piece of string if you're using toilet. Paper rolls cut each one into eight. Pieces for the glitter pumpkin i took. Each piece and i covered it with some. Glue and then covered it with glitter i. Did the outsides first cover all of the. Pieces and let them dry once they were. Dry i took some spray glue and i sprayed. The outside of each piece if you don't. Have spray glue you can also use. Hairspray and once that was dry i. Covered the inside of each piece with. Glitter when the glitter on the inside. Was dry i sprayed the inside of each. Piece with spray glue and now it's time. To assemble our pumpkin i'm taking a. Piece of string and i'm putting the. Pieces of the toilet paper rolls onto. The string i found that i needed between. 17 and 20 pieces for each pumpkin once. The pieces are on there you're going to. Want to put it into a circular shape. Kind of like you're making a necklace or. Something and then tie a triple knot in. The string to make sure that it's extra. Secure and cut off the ends of the. String to finish the pumpkin i used a. Piece of a stick for the stem i put it. Into the pumpkin to see how far up i. Should put the hot glue and then i put. Hot glue all on the bottom of the stick. Place the stick into the center and your. Diy pumpkin is done if you don't have. Glitter you can also use acrylic paint. 

To decorate your pumpkin to make the. Orange pumpkin i painted a paper towel. Roll with two coats of acrylic paint if. You're using paint to decorate your. Pumpkin it's easier to paint the paper. Towel roll or toilet paper rolls first. Before you cut it apart you can paint. The whole thing and set it like this to. Dry when the paint was dry i cut the. Paper towel roll into 24 equal pieces. Then using some more acrylic paint i. Painted the inside of each piece i gave. The inside of each piece two coats of. Paint but you probably really only need. One since you're not going to see it. That much when that dries thread them. Onto a string the same way that we did. Before and use hot glue to attach a. Stick into the center and now you have. Some super cute pumpkin decorations the. Next project is this diy leaf garland. These leaves were made using a method. That i remember using an elementary. School to make this you'll need crayons. Wax paper a pencil sharpener some paper. Towels an iron and some scissors start. By laying down two layers of paper. Towels onto your work surface then place. A piece of wax paper onto the paper. Towels using a pencil sharpener sharpen. Your crayons over the wax paper if you. Want you can break up the crown shavings. Like i'm doing here. 

I found that i got the best results when. I sharpened two whole crayons on top of. The wax paper once you have your crayon. Shavings down take another piece of wax. Paper and put it on top then place a. Paper towel on top of the two pieces of. Wax paper iron on top of the paper towel. Until all of the cran wax is melted when. You're done you should have something. That looks like this repeat this process. With different color combinations to get. Different colors of leaves i used a. Combination of magenta and yellow yellow. And orange and brown and orange print. Out a picture of a leaf and place it. Behind your wax paper trace the leaf. Shape onto the wax paper and then cut it. Out repeat this process until you have a. Whole bunch of leaves these did take me. A while to cut out and i had to do it in. More than one sitting and once your. Leaves are done you can either tape them. To the wall like i did here or you can. Make them into a garland by using a. Piece of yarn and hot gluing the leaves. To the yarn if you do this be very. Careful because it's really easy to burn. Yourself with the hot glue and once that. Was done i hung the garland up above my. Window the last project is this wooden. Pumpkin sign to make this you'll need. Some cardboard scissors some sticks from. Outside and a hot glue gun take a piece. Of cardboard and sketch out a pumpkin. Shape onto the cardboard then go ahead. And cut it out next go outside and hunt. For some sticks rinse the sticks off. With water to remove any dirt from them. I lead the sticks outside on a towel to. Dry and then hot glue the sticks to your. Pumpkin shape i use scissors to cut the. Sticks and that work just fine and now. Your pumpkin sign is done if you don't. Want to make this into a pumpkin shape. You could always make it into a. Different shape like a letter so thank. You guys so so much for watching i hope. You enjoyed that video and if you did. Make sure to give it a thumbs up and as. Always make sure to subscribe for more. Videos just like this one and make sure. To follow me on instagram it is at. Waller meg's and yeah i love you guys so. So much and i'll see you guys tomorrow. Bye. 

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Dollar Tree Fall Decor And Craft Ideas Debbiedoos Fall Decor Dollar Tree Dollar Tree Fall Fall Crafts from

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Diy fall melted crayon pumpkin. These fall crafts look like something you would buy from a high end decor store so you can even keep them to give your home an elegant and cozy fall look. Making shimmering butterflies are crafts for adults to make that can take your home décor to another level. Required fields are marked comment.

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