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Cheap Easy Diy Projects For Home

 Cheap Easy Diy Projects For Home. One idea is to make a yarn wrapped lampshade. We have gathered the 18 best diy home decor projects and put them into this simple lists. Hi everyone joseph you like to stand. Beyond thanks for joining me here in my. Channel where you will find mostly. Affordable practical and easy diys if. You're new to my channel welcome if you. Haven't subscribed yet please do. Subscribe and don't forget to click that. Notification bell icon so that you will. Not miss any of my new uploads so i'm. Going to show you some organization. Ideas and hacks using the paper trays. That they sell at dollar tree but before. I show you the hacks and organization. Ideas let me just show you how you stack. Them up first you will put one below the. Second and then you line up the feet of. The one that you're going to place on. Top to the indentations and the holes at. The bottom she could see the one here. Has a hole in indentation you can stack. Up more of this paper trace and use them. To sort or organize your paper or card. Stocks or you know your mail and any. Paperwork that you may have at home so. This is perfect for your home office or. Your craft room especially if you are a. Paper crafter so like this one here i'm. Showing you how i'm using it to organize. My card stops or my card-making paper. And i sort them by color so if you want. To purchase more of this packable paper. Trace you can separate by colors or by. Function and for the home office you can. Use this to organize your printing paper. If you want to put this next to your. Printer or your fax machine or your. Scanner or even organize your mail. Incoming and outgoing and also to use it. As a sorter for your bills or statements. So another way to use this is if you. Want to just separate all your paperwork. Below and then on top use it to corral. 

Some of your small organizers for. Example for crafting if you have a. Container. Where you put your crafting tools and. Even probably paintbrushes you can put. Them there and like here for. Demonstration purposes let me just show. You that i can organize my coloring pens. As well as my coloring pencils and then. At the bottom you know the paper or. Sketch pads i can just organize them at. The bottom and i mentioned earlier. Probably when you're doing your bills. When you're sorting your statements you. Can also put some envelopes that you. Used for bill payment just to keep your. Receipts and to organize your bill. Paying system you can also use baskets. That can fit inside or on the top. Portion of this stackable paper trays. You can be used to bottom again for. Paper or anything that can fit in there. But also this type of basket that i got. Also at dollar tree they're also. Stackable so you can put two one on top. Of each other or even three or four i'm. Gonna be adding also my paint bottles. You know my bottle paints or acrylic. Paints and i can put them there as well. Not for my hack i'm going to be using. This paper trace to create a drawer. System organizer that is multi-purpose. I'm going to be inverting the top tray. And i'm just going to connect it to the. Tray at the bottom this way. I'm making sure that they line up where. The holes are so you could see the holes. On the front portion of each tray where. The feet would go in normally i am going. To utilize those holes to connect my. Trace with zip ties but first i want to. Add or apply hot glue so that the trace. Won't slide off now for a more permanent. Hold. You would probably. Be using e6000 dollar tree sells fix-all. Which is just like e6000 but for. Demonstration purposes i'm going to be. Using hot glue i'm making sure that the. Top aligns to the bottom like i. Mentioned earlier before the glue dries. Up then i'm going to be pressing the. Connections or the perimeters so that. They stick together. Now that the glue has dried up i am. Going to go ahead and insert my zip ties. One on each side making sure that i go. Through the holes that are aligned this. Is the spot that i'm talking about where. The feet would normally go through i am. Using heavy-duty zip ties and they sell. Them also at dollar tree i'm using the. Largest one that they sell so that it. Will be stronger and using zip ties will. Just ensure that my connection or this. Tool will not get disengaged or. Disconnected because zip ties are really. Tough to break so just going to make my. System more stable and sturdy and as you. Could see i'm just kind of putting the. Bulk portion hidden under the lip or the. Ledge and i'm using my scissors that i. Also got a dollar tree this kitchen. Scissors i've used this for how many. Years now probably more than two years. And is what i used to cut my zip ties. It's very durable i even cut wires with. It i'm gonna go ahead and repeat the. Same step with connecting my zip tie on. The opposite side. Next i'm just gonna go ahead and remove. This label here now with the clean top. You can actually decorate it if you want. If you have some contact paper but i. Like it the way it is and here's how i. Am gonna utilize this this is gonna be. Like i said earlier a drawer kind of. System but i have been really liking. Whenever i create a diy that has a. Function where the drawer system so i'm. Using another basket that is in the same. Family. Meaning it's also in the same style as. The two paper trays so this is just a. Basket it's a die-cut style basket and i. Am just loving the way that it fits. Inside and i can just pull it in and out. And i can use it like a drawer so i can. Pretty much organize anything that will. Fit inside with enough clearance and. Also utilize the top for other things so. Let me just show you again with my. Colored pen and pencils i can easily. Just stuck them in inside that drawer. Basket and then on top i'm just gonna. Use a similar type of basket that will. Sit comfortably it fits well on top i. Don't need to glue it i don't need to do. Anything with it just put it on top so. 

That i can just carry it whenever i need. To so just for demonstration again i'm. Just gonna put again my paint bottles. And other crafting tools as you can see. It can hold so many bottles as well as. My other crafting tools but imagine this. To hold your nail polishes as well as. Makeup and again the possibilities are. Endless on this multi-purpose organizer. So i just want to show you also how i'm. Gonna be using this underneath my sink. So let me just show you how i'm using. This to organize under our bathroom sink. This is my portion of the bathroom sink. There are two sides of this sink and my. Husband is on the left and mine is on. The right so i just want to show you. Here i can use this bottom portion to. Put my personal items my hey facial. Cleansing cream as well as my lotion she. Could see this slides and to keep it. From sliding i'm thinking you can use. The shelf liner that prevents things. From sliding that you can use in the. Kitchen they sell those also at dollar. Tree they're called they think the shelf. Grip and you can just cut a small piece. Put it underneath so that it will not. Slide so that you will not struggle like. I did when i was first putting it and. Pulling out the drawer so on the top i'm. Putting the taller items like my spray. Bottles my clothes my lotions and all my. Other personal items. I really like how this one turned out. It's not only functional but it's. Beautiful as well you can leave it on. The countertop underneath the sink. Inside a cabinet and like i said i love. The drawer system and it keeps things. Corralled and looking pretty that it. Fits perfectly here actually there's. More space at the back and then it. Doesn't block the pipe so i like it it's. Perfect for under the bathroom sink and. For the next hack i'm going to be using. A different style or a different kind of. Paper tray. This one has holes like a basket weave. Style and i'm gonna be using one to. Create a wall organizer i am going to be. Using this cardboard that came with. Three holes this is actually a part of a. Packaging for the griller sheet and i. Don't throw things away because when i. Saw this i saw okay immediately this is. Something that i can use as a backing to. Use as a wall mount so i'm going to be. Cutting it to size just below where the. Hole is at the top and then i am just. Gonna trim it to size so that i can take. Advantage of the holes if you do not. Have something similar because again i. Just didn't throw this away but if you. Don't have anything similar you can use. Cardboard from a packaging box i'm. Pretty sure you probably have one at. Home as well as maybe if you don't have. Any you can use the foam board that they. Sell at dollar tree just measure and. Maybe eyeball it so that it will be. Lined up and what i'm doing here is i'm. Just going to just mark where the bottom. Would be and then i am gonna hot glue. This to my paper tray. And it's all done i'm just gonna go. Ahead and hang it on the wall i'm just. Gonna use one nail at the center and. Then now it's on the wall i'm just gonna. Use this to organize my composition. Notebooks it's big enough or large. Enough to hold your regular paper or. Printer paper if you want to keep it. There or if there's a mail that comes in. You can put it there too and like i've. Shown here it can fit a notebook it's. Perfect also to organize or hold your. Magazine if you want to put this in a. Bathroom or some of us read magazines. You can put one there or you can hold. Some incoming mail and i'm just showing. This that it doesn't have to be an. Organizer probably you want to use this. To also decorate like put it on a door. Or over the door and just use the hanger. And i'm just showing you a few flowers. Here but if i'm going to use this for. More decorative items that i can use. That as well use this to sort the meals. As well as maybe put this in your. Command center to hold anything that. Probably an outgoing mail so that. Whoever's in charge of the mail will. Take care of it so the next project i'm. Also going to be connecting two of them. Like i've done on the first part that's. Why i'm doing this in fast motion i. Hot-glued two together one is inverted. This time i'm gonna be using a black zip. Tie so that will be more contrast. Unlike the white one that i used earlier. Because i'm not just going to be putting. One zip ties on each side i'm gonna be. Using multiple zip ties here so that you. Can see it better so here i'm just going. To be connecting the top portion first. Where the feet you would usually go in. Like earlier i connected them on the. Blue one that i used but here i'm gonna. Also take advantage of the basket weaves. Or the hole. To reinforce it because i'm going to put. Something or position it vertically. Again to hold maybe something heavier so. I need to reinforce it with more zip. Ties so i'm adding a couple more zip. Ties on each side so i'm going to be. Putting the middle zip tie as well as on. The tail or the back part i'm going to. 

Also add a zip tie so that it can hold. Something heavier because i am going to. Be adding this to my crafting cart and i. Will show you how i'm going to be using. It. Back part or which will be the bottom. Because i'm going to be positioning this. Vertically later on i'm just going to be. Placing one large zip tie at the center. And if you want to put more zip ties. Feel free to do so i think that i just. Need one to keep this in place and since. I've used some hot glue it should be. Okay and i have three zip ties on each. Side so they'll be already enough. And so here it is all connected together. And now i am going to be attaching it to. My metal crafting cart a couple of weeks. Back i showed you how i organized this. And added some side organizers i removed. The shower caddy as well as the small. Wire container or basket where i put my. Acrylic or chalk paint so that i will. Have a place to attach this basket so i. Am just putting my zip ties first the. Two zip ties on the top making sure they. Align the bars and then i'm also going. To put two more at the bottom part of. This basket making sure they line up. With the first two zip ties so that they. Also line up with the bar of the cart. You. So here i'm just showing you the. Difference okay i am just tying this one. Time this i've mentioned this before. Even with my other cart the idea i was. Using only purely dollar tree items that. You would have to criss cross it so that. It will capture the intersection like so. See it's next as opposed to just the. Straight one on the left but before i. Cut my zip ties on the left i can still. Criss cross it even though i have kind. Of tied it up already or inserted it. Through so here's the close-up one is. The next see that's how a criss cross is. It captures the intersection so that it. Will prevent it from sliding i will. Still tighten this up and then i'm going. To be applying hot glue so that the. Basket no matter how heavy it is will. Not slide down so here i'm just showing. You how the criss crossing or kind of. Like i'm weaving through the basket. That's why i like this paper tray a lot. This one has holes so that i can utilize. The holes to weave my zip ties to make. It stronger. As you could see it's so sturdy it's not. Going anywhere it's not sliding down i. Haven't even put my hot glue yet but. Once i put my hot glue it's gonna be. Even sturdier now i'm just gonna be. Putting my vinyls here i kinda for. Demonstration purposes i only have flat. Sheets vinyl and i rolled them up. Because i know some of you are asking. How to organize your vinyl rolls when. You're doing your cricut or silhouette. 

And you have those supplies then this. Will be perfect but i'm thinking this. Will be perfect for a gift wrapping. Station where you can place gift bags as. Well as rolls of gift wrapping paper so. Since i don't have my gift wrapping. Paper with me i'm just gonna show you. That you can also utilize this for gift. Wrapping rolls and you can just put it. Lower because the gift wrapping rolls. Are longer than the vinyl rolls so you. Just put it low there this was pointing. It with my right toe there or my right. Foot where you're gonna position the. Basket so that the toll rolls of gift. Wrapping paper will not be too high. Because the rolls would be this high. Probably you know that high or maybe a. Little taller so if you put it the way. It is it's gonna be a little wobbly or. Intrusive so just put it all the way to. The bottom put the basket all the way to. The bottom and that's where you're going. To be placing rolls of gift wrapping. Paper and that's it everyone i hope you. Enjoyed this video if you did please. Give it a thumbs up to share to anyone. Who may be in need of this type of. Organization you can use these. Organizers anywhere in your home the. Possibilities are endless let me know. Which is your favorite and how are you. Going to be using them if you do plan to. Make them and also if you're new to my. Channel welcome if you haven't. Subscribed yet please do subscribe and. Don't forget to click that notification. There. Khanh so that you will not miss any of. My new uploads have a great day everyone. I'll talk to you again on my next video. Take care and god bless bye. You. 

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