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Cheap Diy Tech Projects

 Cheap Diy Tech Projects. For many of these ideas to cost less than 10 make sure you use coupons for craft stores and shop the sales. These useful homemade gadgets range from cameras to solar phone chargers and even basic cell phones that are capable of making calls and sending texts.

What's going on guys welcome back to. Another video and this is my newest. Project it is eight white gold and black. Seng pc i hope you all enjoy the. Progress and i had a flier so we have. The power supply in place already and i. Want to install the power supply cover. Now i made this by bending some acrylic. Also cut out this shape so that i have. Room for the radiator and the pump want. To mount them on the side so i'm. Sticking with the whole black white and. Gold theme i'm going to install this now. So unfortunately we do not have a white.

 Motherboard so the next back thing that. We have is the z170a gaming pro carbon. Motherboard by msi this will work really. Nicely with the color theme in the. System. Again with the memory we are limited to. What we can use unfortunately i could. Not find any white and gold ram on the. Market however i have found some black. And gold ram so this is going to look. Real nice in this case a fix carb will. Be a gtx 980 it already does have a. Backplate but we're going to put a white. Backplate over the top of this to make. It pop more in the middle and bring a. Bit more white in the middle of the bill. But before we install that let's get a. Pump and reservoir install. Christ with the pump and reservoir in. Place let's install this graphics card. So much like with all of my other back. Plates i wanted to create something that. Went with this theme so i wanted to. Carry the gold and white throughout the. Build and because the whole motherboard. Is black i needed to bring some gold and. White to the back plate this is why i. Made this now i just use vinyl on the. Top i spray-painted the back gold but. 

Before i went gold i had to get some. Black on the back where it says ifr so. That the black came through with the. Writing once i spray painted the back i. Went over the top with a white and i. Also added this extra piece just to give. It a bit of 3d dimension so a massive. Part of case modding is the tube bending. Itself so let's see if we can get some. Pretty sweet bends so get some really. Nice gold fittings here which will. Really work well in this build now the. Gold is a bit different but. Unfortunately it's very hard to find a. Paint especially around where i live. That looks like this so let's see how a. Tube ends whoo. On to the next stage of the build we. Made this side panel this is to cover up. The top where the hard drives are and. This free section here we don't want any. Of that showing so what i've done here. Is i've masked off at the back of the. Sections that i want gold and i painted. The back of it black first once the back. Was kind of black then i just painted. The whole back side a nice gold color. Also decided to add some extra shapes up. The top here which gives it a bit of. Dimension and it's also going to be the. Scoring along this line here which you. Probably cannot see on camera but i'll. Get some close-up shot for you guys so. Let's install. Now what's really cool about this is. I've left the room on the outside to. Still install the tempered glass case. Window so i'm going to be doing that but. I've also left room up here to install. Some led so this will highlight all of. This down here and the fans at the back. Actually going to shine through in. Places and give it a really nice effect. All right now let's actually have a look. And see what the cables look like inside. Of this build that gold actually looks. Absolutely incredible that gold matches. My paintwork more than the fittings and. I'm really really liking that. Okay so we have ran into a bit of a. Problem with the gpu table i do have one. Six pin cable but they seem to have sent. Me a six pin and an eight pin whereas. This card takes two six pins so i'm. Going to have to contact them and let. Them know what has happened which sucks. But i really need this video done so we. Might have to put up with it okay guys. Now this is a sucks big time i can't. Find another cable that i can use in. There like an all white or black six pin. I guess the good thing with this build. Is i do not need to power the system up. I'm going to fill it i'm going to have. The pc turned on but the gpu won't. Actually be called-- 

i figured that's. The best solution i'm better off leaving. No cables there than just one cable. Hanging down and one of them empty i. Think they look a bit awkward if it's. Like that so we'll leave those cables. Out for now i just don't have the time. To wait for another set of cables to. Come in i've got a i build coming up for. A compute x so we'll leave it like this. And we'll continue with the build okay. So now that the memory card is stop. Being a pain let's go ahead and. Really fill this build for you guys i. Did fill it once but for some reason the. Memory card decides a malfunction and we. Lost all that footage so let's do it. Again just using distilled water cuz i. Want to make sure that the whole system. Is nice and clean i did use a bit of. Dishwashing liquid to insert my silicon. Insert into the tubes when i was to. Bending so the distilled water should. Help to try and flush a lot of that out. Of the system as well the idea was this. Is to try and remove any of the foreign. Objects which should not fit within a. Water cooling loop so we'll fill this to. The top and we'll let it run through. What i've done here is i have bridged. The 24 pin cable this was that paper. Clip something conductive now this will. Act as a jumpstart and i only have my. Pump plugged into the molex connection. So it is the only thing in this system. That is receiving electricity apart from. The power supply itself so there is no. Risk of damaging the gpu or the. Motherboard if there are any leaks so. Now that the reservoirs cool let's let. It run through so i'm going to let this. Run through a bit just so we can clean. Those tubes out and we'll be right back. To fill this system so i have attached a. Hose to the end i'm going to get the. Loop running and i'm going to open the. Valve so that the liquid can run out. After the system is empty and the pump. Is running dry i'm just going to turn it. Off let the rest of the liquid run out. Like so ok so we've removed the silver i. Will put the white in this is going to. Be the final fill of the builder so it's. A bit of distilled water in there but. That's not going to matter i will just. Mix with the white so what power this. Baby on. Okay the what looks much better such a. Vibrant looking there really works with. The white paint as well you can see. Important can space to them. Thank you guys for the support we have. Just hit 15,000 subscribers i'd like to. Thank you all i hope you all enjoyed. This build if you did please like share. And comment down below remember we've. Got more custom pieces on the channel. For you guys to check out more modding. Tutorials or liquid cooling tutorials. And some reviews here and there so i. Hope you all enjoyed and we'll see you. Guys in the next video. 

Diy Arduino Dslr Controller Arduino Electronics Projects Electronics Projects Diy
Diy Arduino Dslr Controller Arduino Electronics Projects Electronics Projects Diy from

I recently published a hub listing a few good projects for those interested in electronics and are just starting out. Here are a few of my favorite diy project ideas. Looking for quick easy and cheap diy projects for your weekend.

Make a solar bluetooth speaker.

By misterm in raspberry pi. By the server guy in raspberry pi. Diy isn t always the easiest way to do something but it s usually the most informative and educational one. 10 coolest diy technology resources from tools to tutorials.

This page has many images about cheap diy tech projectsDIY TECH. By Scottopher in Circuits Arduino. 7,547. 14. Suggested Projects Raven Pi Security Camera. by MisterM in Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Media Server - MiniDLNA. by The Server Guy in Raspberry Pi. Magnetic Helping Hands Set for PCB and Electronics. by inspiredStudio in Tools.. 31 Insanely Easy And Clever DIY Projects. These are the kind of simple projects for the laziest and most inept of crafters. Even if you can barely operate a drill, you can do most of these .... 10 Awesome and Cheap DIY Projects for Geeks. 8 Alternatives to the Raspberry Pi. Make a Solar Bluetooth Speaker. ... 10 Coolest DIY Technology Resources From Tools to Tutorials.. Even if you're not the most savvy when it comes to putting gadgets together, these DIY tech projects should be a piece of cake to make. These useful homemade gadgets range from cameras to solar phone chargers and even basic cell phones that are capable of making calls and sending texts.. The average tank-equipped water heater lasts only about 12 years. If yours is getting around that age, it's better to address it now than when it leaks, bursts, and floods a part of your house.The average cost of a 50-gallon tank water heater's replacement with installation can range from $795 to $2,800 according to Angie’s List. If you want to switch to a tankless system that heats water as.

The phrase “do it yourself” came into common usage in the 1950s in reference to home improvement projects that people might choose to complete independently. In recent years, the term DIY has taken on a broader meaning that covers a wide range of skill sets. DIY is associated with the international alternative rock, punk rock, and indie .... DIY isn’t always the easiest way to do something, but it’s usually the most informative and educational one. This week, let’s check out some great DIY tech projects that’ll teach you a ton .... Author's Note: 10 DIY Projects for Nerds So many gadget-related products these days are born of laziness or lack of creativity. For example, you can buy an endless number of doodads for your smartphone, from car mounts to screen protectors, and wind up spend up hundreds of dollars.. 10 Awesome and Cheap DIY Projects for Geeks By. Jaymi Heimbuch. ... 17 Incredible DIY Gadget Projects . ... 10 Coolest DIY Technology Resources From Tools to Tutorials.. The problem, though, is that many of these ideas are incredibly difficult and expensive to replicate. We've come up with a list of the best cheap DIY projects that are not only inexpensive, but they are easy to make. For many of these ideas to cost less than $10, make sure you use coupons for craft stores and shop the sales

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