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Cheap Diy Projects For Your Home

 Cheap Diy Projects For Your Home. It makes for such an attention grabbing piece in your home. With this list of awesome inexpensive crafts for teenagers you are sure to find thrifty homemade gifts crafty diy projects you can make and sell room decor you can make on a budget.

I can't regret leaving you alone until. You find your way back home. Hello everyone what is up today's exam. Dave guess today it is the start of my. Fall series of a channel which i'm. Really excited for because all on. Youtube is pretty fun yeah plus i have a. Very very huge announcement yeah it's. True i'm having a meet-up and i'm so so. Excited to meet all you guys so i'm. Going to be at the opening of the new. Pen duo store in karu hung in oslo 12:00. P.m. october 1st. Yeah so it's a saturday so i think all. You should come i think you would be. Really fun i'm going to take pictures. Together and go to diy stuff there will. Be a lot of fun discounts and things you. Can buy things you can watch and diy. With me and i think it's just going to. Be really really fun so please show up. All the info will be in the description. Box down below if you're interested in. Finding out more okay so i actually have. This really really fun thing that i. Share with the guys so me and fender. Hobby decided to team up and make a new. Diy video pretty much every single month. Which i'm so so excited for because i. Love doing diy videos so i'm now. Officially like a spokesperson for. Pandora hobby. What should is blue-chip crazy to me i. Don't even know what to say oh you don't. Know what pintura is pandora is a craft. Supply store where i buy all my craft. Supplies say do you want to recreate any. Of the diys that i made here today you. Know that all our have supplies are from. Pender oh you can find everything there. And i'll make sure to leave the length. Of screenflex down below to their sites. And where you can borrow things and. Their stores and that heads up yeah. Today i'm going to do a lot of diys for. A fall room so basically fall room decor. Plus for initiation which i love doing. That i love doing guys however i did. Come up a few new diys which i really. Want showed you guys my thinkyou grudge. For you so much fun and i think you can. Decorate your room in a amazing way that. You never done before with these diys. Hopefully so yeah and if you're excited. Suzuno thumbs up so without further ado. Let's get right into this diy i can't. Read. Leaving you alone so the first thing. We're making today are these harry. Potter inspired potions so what you'll. Need will be some glitter some. Containers and some glycerol which is. Basically what you use to put in soap. Bubbles to make the consistency thicker. So the person you want to do is grab a. Couple of different colored glitters and. 

Just want to put it into the container. Add some glycerol add some more glitter. Put some more goes to roll in and. Continue doing that until you've got. Your desired ombre over. And lastly then you want to take a. Stirring pin and just stir it around or. Just mix it by shaking it up to do. Whatever you want to and that is this. Day i just want to put that with how. Many different colors you want to and. That's how to make potions. [music]. So this is optional but if you want to. Label your potions then you can go ahead. And grab a burnt paper some craft supply. Stores do sell these but if you can't. Find them cited becky you can also use. Normal paper or some kind of brownish. Paper now you just want to cut a little. Piece out go ahead and grab some. Double-sided tape and just tape that on. To your little potion or whatever you. Want and that is pretty much it so i. Also made this ingredients box by doing. The exactly same thing as i did with. These smaller labeling pieces i guess we. Could say and lastly i just added some. Glitter into the big box just to make it. Fun festive ready for halloween actually. I think this diy would be really fun for. A halloween party or as a diy in your. Room. Yes and that's it i think it looks so. Cute and totally try this out so. Something i love doing if i want to get. My room into a fall spirit or a fall. Vibe is change up the pillows which i. Did right here and i just got some of. These pillowcases from some of my local. Interior stores however i really wanted. To put my own personal swing i guess we. Could say on my bed so i decided to make. Some pillows so the first pillow i'm. Going to show you guys how to make is. This flannel pillow which i'm in love. With it's so cozy and yeah so what. You'll need will be a pillowcase a big. Flannel i've got my extra large a. Scissor and some fabric glue the phrase. You want to do is cut off the sleeves up. Your flannel now i want to trim the side. Seams of a flannel shirt from the bottom. Up to the trimmed arm holes and you want. 

To repeat this on both sides now trim. The collar off by following the shoulder. Seams and then is continuing on the yoke. As i'm doing right here to separate to. Individual pieces front and back from. Each other. Now lay both of your layers down and put. Your pillow on top and cut away anything. That you donate just leave a little. Space but not too much then go ahead and. Place the two layers inside out and just. Glue the sides together with the fabric. Glue like i'm doing right here just glue. Three sides the last side don't glue. Later because we want to put the pillow. In first now i three to four hours for. The go to set and then go ahead and flip. The case back to its right side put the. Pillow in and cut away anything access. It last legs glue the fourth side. Together this time doesn't have to be. That pretty because it's going to be the. Bottom of her pillow so nobody is really. Going to see it that much and that's it. Next up we're going to do i this. Typewriter pillow so why you will need a. Pillow case of foam rubber brushes. Letter stencils and some black textile. Hate so what you basically want to do is. Grab your rubber brush and your stencil. And basically just dab on the black. Paint to your pillow case and i just. Wrote fall you get me we're just kind of. Cheesy i know but i just think it turned. Out really pretty and it's honestly like. The easiest era ever so try it out. Yep we're making candy cornwall art so i. Illa need will be a triangle wooden. Block painting these three colors red. White and orange a paint mixing plate a. Pencil a ruler some paintbrushes and. Some sandpaper so the first thing you. Want to do is optional but i decided to. Do it and that is to make the edges of. The triangle round with some sandpaper. And now make two horizontal lines a lot. Of vertical lines inside those lines and. Then just fill it in with a lot of. Triangles it doesn't have to be. Perfectly symmetrical mine wasn't and. 

Turned out pretty great at the end. Anyway so now what you want to do is. Pour out three colours and create many. Different shades of that colour for each. Section up your candy corn triangle so. Letter tones of yellow darker tones of. Yellow more orange in tones of yellow. And then is repeat with the orange and. White as well and this creates a kind of. Pixelated / glitchy look which i really. Like and it's not that hard to make so. That's a plus and that is fenomena table. And that is pretty much it. On a scale from one to tumblr how cute. Is the pumpkin all you'll need to make. It are some paints a real or fake. Pumpkin you decide some letter foam. Stickers and paintbrush now start out. With painting the entire pumpkin in your. Color of desire i chose pink because i. Like pink and it matched with my room. And then just go ahead and wait for that. To dry and place foam stickers on your. Pumpkin and try routing out something. That's cheesy or tumblr or something. That just makes you laugh like i wrote. Trick or treat yourself which is kind of. Chump tori i guess you can say and i. Also wrote witch but i have my candy. Which makes me laugh if i'm having a bad. Day if you don't feel like you're the. Best you are in the world when this diy. Is perfect for you it's a transparent. Glass frame so all you'll need would be. A fall leaf and a transparent glass room. That can buy at pandora hobby so you. Just want to peel the packaging off. Which i found was really hard i was. Kidding it wasn't that hard then i just. Want to place the leaf inside the two. Glass parts put the glass inside the. Frame and put on your night table and. This diy turned out to look pretty. Expensive to me which i think is so cool. Because it was not expensive whatsoever. To make. Halloween is closing up and what better. Way to get ready then diy a ghost mason. Jar. You'll need a mason jar white and black. Matte paint the paper is pencil a. Scissor and some ribbon so start by. Painting your mason jar in one layer of. The white matte paint and then you can. Go ahead and cover it with another layer. Of white paint if it isn't completely. Opaque you can just let it dry and after. You can draw in two circles for the eyes. And one big circle for the mouth of the. Ghost fill that end with some black. Matte paint with a paintbrush then just. Let that dry grab your ribbon tie a. Really cute bow no but on the real note. Guys how many people can actually tie. Both because i can't i just hide a. Regular knot but i think it looks pretty. Cute anyway now you're done and you can. Put whatever you want in like candle to. Light up or some pencils or whatever. Really and finally the last diy we're. Making today is this fall organizer at. Which i think is just a must to have in. Your room so what you will need will be. A big bin some letters some spray paints. Some paint some paintbrushes and lastly. A glue gun so i started with. Spray-painting my banner in a gray color. You cute paint it as well but i just. Think that we're taking so much more. Time then i just want to paint your. Letters and i decided to go with three. Different colors two letters and white. And then one in orange and one in black. And if your letters aren't completely. Flat then you can go ahead and paint the. Sides as well after the paint on both. The apple basket and letters are dry can. Go ahead and place them on the apple. Basket and warm up your glue gun and. Just glue it all down onto your apple. Basket and that is pretty much it so i. Put my fall basket onto my dresser. Because i had room for it there and in. It i put a big full blanket and some. Fall products and honestly i just think. This bin it would be so perfect to bring. With you on like a fall picnic in the. Park. And you could take like instagram. Pictures and basically just be tumblr in. Real life yeah. And that's all the diys for today i hope. You guys enjoyed so much and stay tuned. Because there's going to be so many more. Fall diys get excited and also tell me. 

Down below is there any if there are any. Faulty eyes that you really want to see. So thank you so much for watching this. Video hope you liked it very much if you. Did my word to give it a thumbs up let's. Get this video to 5000 likes in 24 hours. That would be pretty amazing i don't. Think we're ever done it with a diy. Video before so i think it would be. Really really cool if we could do that. So give this video a thumbs up make sure. To check out all the info about my. Meet-up that i'm having in oslo in cairo. Home pres of october down below so. Please come because that would be really. Fun i really want to meet all of you. Guys dick pigeons do and bond with you. And become best friends to all you so. Show up maybe cool diy things together. Become besties and live on our happily. Ever after lives. Yeah if you never try never know i hope. You got a lot inspiration and you watch. My a some of these diys because that. Would be really fun so that is it these. Much for watching and i will see you. Next time bye everyone. I can't whistle but i can do this i can. Blink an eye okay a bite guys. 

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