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Cheap Diy Projects For Home Decor

 Cheap Diy Projects For Home Decor. Adding your own personal touch to your décor can make your house feel even more like home. I might have to try this for my own.

Hey there guys welcome back to my. Channel my name is anna sophia if you're. New here and if you are new please. Consider subscribing my husband and i. Are a military family who recently. Bought a house and moved from scottsdale. Arizona to washington d.c come along. With us as we decorate organize. Declutter and deep clean this house on a. Budget from house to home the materials. I used for this makeover were gathered. Prior to these outbreaks please heed the. Advice of the cdc and stay safe the next. Room i really needed to go through was. This blue bathroom not only is the tile. Blue but the tub is also blue like why i. Don't understand it but i'm gonna. Decorate this room essentially for free. Because i'm not buying anything new i'm. Gonna use everything that i already have. To makeover this room in this video. You're gonna see six easy diys that. Literally anybody can do so let's get. Right into it for the very first diy. We're gonna make a candle wall sconce. I've seen this floating around pinterest. And i thought it was such a cool idea. But i don't have anything that's really. Like that at my house already so i'm. Gonna try to make it using this tray. That i got from the thrift store a while. Back and this elbo piping that i. Honestly have no idea where it's from. But i found it i'm gonna try to use it. Because the metal wouldn't stick to the. Metal on its own i just cut a piece of. Cork and placed it in the piping and hot. Glued it together so then that way it. Would adhere to the tray and then i just. Placed a candlestick in the piping and. It's. 

And i think it looks great next up i. Really wanted to make a cool planter box. I had this old purse that the strap. Broke so i thought the fabric was kind. Of masculine and maybe i could make it. Into a cool planter box the first thing. I needed to do was remove the inner. Lining of the purse and i just did sew. Along the line of the zipper i just. Folded over the top where the zipper was. So you wouldn't see that part and then i. Had an old amazon box and i just cut. Cardboard to fit the sides of the box to. Make it more sturdy and then i just took. The leather strap that was broken and i. Wrapped it around the phone just to give. It a more finished look and i think it. Turned out great it's exactly what i had. In mind very masculine and. Professional-looking. For the next diy i really wanted to make. A hanging wall shelf like the ones that. I used in my master bathroom makeover. I'll link this in the cards up here and. Then i just have this random piece of. What that's this baby on it this is how. I told my dad that he was gonna be a. Grandpa but the first thing i need to do. Is remove this metal piece off of the. Back and then i have this old purse that. Had these leather straps on it so i. Wanted to use those to hang that piece. Of wood from i just decided to paint the. Shelf flat because it's the only paint i. Really have. And then i anchored the straps using si. Hooks that i already had as well and i. Placed the wooden piece in there and it. Was done obviously it's not perfect but. I'm really happy with how it came out. And using the materials that i just. Already had at home because i can't go. Shopping and i'm not gonna wait until i. Can to make my house look and feel. Beautiful. Then i needed a little something to put. On the shelf so i wanted to make a. Little terracotta plant pot this was. Actually an old diy but at the time i. Thought was really cute it wasn't and i. Used this toffee brown acrylic paint and. I just wanted to paint over the whole. Thing initially it had these little gems. Across the top of it but i didn't really. Like the way that looked when it was. Painted over so i took again the. Leftover of that strap from the broken. Bag and put it around it and i think it. Kind of ties in with the leather planter. And i think it came out really cute it. Definitely gives off that vibe that i've. Been looking for and it kind of ties the. Whole room together because i'm using a. Lot of the same materials. I really wanted another candle for the. Bathroom so i wanted to make this stone. Filled candle i saw on pinterest in. Pinterest though they already had the. Vase and i don't have any more clear. Vases but i do have this old yankee. 

Candle so what i'm gonna do is melt this. Down i use medium heat in a saucepan and. Just let the water kind of bubble around. The wax and then i cut the top off of an. Old water bottle and i dumped the wax in. There for me to get the wax completely. Melted it took about 15 minutes i think. It probably would just depend how much. Wax you had left in your candle but just. Make sure when you're doing this don't. Leave it unattended you just you know. Want to be careful and be safe i. Gathered these rocks from outside i did. The same thing when i did the kylie. Makeover i'll link that in the cards. Here so i had the rocks i have my flower. Candle i have my clean glass jar so now. I'm just gonna stick the candle in the. Jar and then place the rocks around it. To center it so easy 100 percent free if. You don't have a pillar candle i would. Probably say if you had like a tea light. Candle to fill the rocks up more to the. Top and then just place the tea light in. The center of that. I think that would also look really. 

Pretty and for the final diy i really. Wanted to try to coffee dye my shower. Curtain to be a little bit darker to. Hide more that blue the shower curtain. Before was just so stark white and i. Wanted it to be more warm in the room so. I wanted to try to dye it so i decided. To use coffee for this because i wanted. It to be like a light brown the only. Issue that i did have though is the. Shower curtain is obviously water. Resistant it's a shower curtain so it. Took a really long time just to make the. Slightest difference so i actually have. To soak it and coffee for about eight. Hours just to get a slightly darker. Shade if you're curious the fabric that. The shower curtain is made of is i'm. Gonna percent polyester after that i. Just threw it in the washer and dryer. And i hung it up and i thought it really. Turned out great i wish it would have. Been a little bit darker but because of. The fabric that i used i think that's. Why it didn't take the color as deep as. I would have wanted it to but i still. Think it looks great and it's definitely. Better than it was. And then it was just time to do those. Last finishing touches like hanging. Towels putting my little basket of. Toilet paper all those little things. Make all the difference. And i love how it came out and i spent. $0 to do it which was incredible i. Really had to think outside the box for. A lot of these projects because i am. Running low on diy supplies and i feel. Like because i can't go shopping it's. Forcing me to use what i already have. Even things that are a little bit. Unconventional like things got weird to. Make these things happen. But i think it really came together. Beautifully and that about wraps it up. For today's video if you liked it please. Give it a thumbs up and consider. Subscribing because that really helps to. Support my channel and i hope i see you. Guys next sunday. For another remake over. And i'll see you guys done bye. 

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