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Cheap Diy Home Improvements

 Cheap Diy Home Improvements. 18 unbelievably cheap but awesome diy home decor projects. Check the respective pasted diy home decor links also to grab the complete free tutorials and visual guides for your selected diy projects.

Hey how's it going. Time to pimp my bench. I got something special planned for that. Bench over there so before i get started. My process this season i need to improve. My work area as you can see i've already. Got started and cleared off the bench. Now i just gotta clean up the mess at. The chop saw and drill press left and. Mouse poop. Lots of mouse poop i am so glad that i. Have my workshop to keep this messy junk. Out of my garage now i just gotta get. This bench set up so i can use it i've. Kinda given up on that one over in the. Corner for now time for the shop back. They're all done well clean this is. Gonna get next i want to add a back. Piece because it sucks when you're. Working on something in yep no plug back. Board is on and i just used a piece of. What i had laying around 6 foot by 10. Inch because you can't really get to the. Corner with that cabinet there so it's. It's good now tops not flush with the. Frame on this bench a bit of a lip so i. Just described a line put a piece. 

Cruising down along the top doesn't need. To be super sturdy but it's pretty good. Oh and by the way all that junk mine. Just moved to one side of the garage for. Now still got cleaning it up. Now where i got planned out next for the. Front side i need to make a quick trip. So be right back hey guys i'm here at a. Local metal shop picking up what i. Ordered let me go get it here and i'll. Show you what i got and i'm back i want. To get a shot of it before i left but. They were kind of busy and i was in the. Way a little bit so here it is new metal. Bench top 18 gauge galvanized and i had. Him bend the front down to inches in the. Back up to inches so case i spill. Anything. This should make cleaning up after my. Projects a lot easier just wipe the. Bench off so give me a sec and we'll get. It inside and start to install well i. Almost got the metal top install but. Stuff came up and this is where i left. Off yesterday. I ran a file down the edges to clean. Them up so they don't catch on stuff. Drill the holes for the screws i'm just. Going to put a few in the front lip and. A few in the back. Now i originally plan on putting a few. Screws on the sides too but the probably. Catch on stuff so you know if it's a. Problem i can always add them later now. The front of this bench also has a bit. Of an edge like the rear so i hammered. These shims on to take up the gap. Luckily i just made a bunch of them up. The other day when i was making a video. For my table saw i was making the shims. To actually for another project but. These are left over so i just trimmed up. With this handsaw real quick probably. Shaking my miter saw to plug that video. Too but oh well well honestly if i. Didn't have the shim laying around i. Would just hammered the edge over and. 

Call the good so let me get this top. Screwed on and i'll show you the next. Phase. I'll screw down and wiped off looks nice. I think this is going to work out good. Only thing i partially done different is. I probably used pan head screw for the. Front i just had these wood screws lying. Around so we'll see next. Well the bench has pulled out there's a. Few things i probably should get done. Because probably be a while before i. Have moved out again. I started this sticker border and i'm. Gonna go ahead and finish that all the. Way to the corner also i put some shells. Up around the top of the garage and i'm. Gonna go ahead and take the last one. That's stacked up over there and put it. Over here just above the bench then i. Got this led shop light i got one of. These at my workshop and it's pretty. Bright looks good so give me a few and. I'll get that stuff started pay no. Attention to the redneck wiring i am not. An electrician sticker time you can't. Tell i'm a bit of a sticker hoarder well. Truthfully these are not all mine i did. Get some from friends some of this stack. Over here this is all me i think i may. Have a bit of a problem here's an oldie. Betty. Okay so i got the shelf up and i put a. Tape line up to give me a bit of a guide. For my sticker border so let me get the. Tripod set up and i'll give you a. High-speed shot of the stickers forgot. To mention i got this cheap flag and. Whip up real quick i'm just going to. Stay put. Wow don't staple next to your year. [applause]. [applause]. Oh. Stickers are up shelfs up led lights up. 

Almost done. It's a few more final touches and i'd be. Done with this project what i got left. Is i'm gonna put a tile hold it over. Here for when i have to deal something. Messy i don't the keep going back and. Forth or what of that tile holder over. There. I had a do you magnet sticks up over. Here to hold tools or what not hold her. For my gloves and i was gonna put this. Vise on the end of the bench but kind of. Low so i mean i could maybe make a. Adapter to put it up high or something. But i'm not worried about that i'll deal. With that later. I got a perfectly good advice right. There oh and i need to mount this power. Strip so give me a few and i'll finish. That stuff up don't worry i got plenty. Of stickers left got that stuff done. Plus a few other things i added some. Hooks for my drop lights and dustpan. Also i put a piece of wood on the back. Of the bench to fill the gap so when i. Drop stuff off the magnet it doesn't go. All the way to the floor i even picked. Up some round head screws although all. They had was nickel-plated so i guess i. Got some bling for my bench now there's. A new screw and an old screw. Yeah i think it's turned out nice i like. It i like it a lot even inspired me some. To clean up that mess over there. Well so i still got a long way to go but. It'll get there. So it's official bet you've been pimped. Next time and i'll work on one of my. Projects thanks for watching keep it. Real put a check next to a jegs. 

20 Diy Home Improvements And Upgrades That Won T Break Your Budget 42 Diy Home Improvement Home Improvement Home Diy
20 Diy Home Improvements And Upgrades That Won T Break Your Budget 42 Diy Home Improvement Home Improvement Home Diy from

Oh wow this is such a modern and trendy planter. Adding your own personal touch to your décor can make your house feel even more like home. This diy faux wallpaper idea will inspire you to create that statement wall in your home.

Cheap diy home decor projects 1.

For many of these ideas to cost less than 10 make sure you use coupons for craft stores and shop the sales. Best diy home improvement projects from cheap home improvement ideas diy projects craft ideas. We ve come up with a list of the best cheap diy projects that are not only inexpensive but they are easy to make. 18 unbelievably cheap but awesome diy home decor projects.

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