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Cheap Craft Ideas For Home Decor

 Cheap Craft Ideas For Home Decor. Get the tutorial at the pinto pony. Save money with these cozy rustic home decor ideas. Hi guys. Welcome back to my channel you know that. Most of my videos revolve around dollar. Tree supplies. I love dollar tree but i like making. Other stuff a lot of the diys that i. Make. 

I make them for my house um knowing that. They may last the season. They may last a year they may last a. Week. So keeping that in mind i do have to. Make things in a certain way where i can. Take them apart. And reuse the stuff but today i am going. To be making some more. Higher quality stuff that you would. Probably find. At a store but you're not because i'm. Making it right here. And obviously we're going to be using. More than just dollar tree supplies. With that said i do want to let you guys. Know that this video is sponsored. By supermaker and the author jamie. Schmidt. And you guys i really am looking forward. To telling you guys a little bit about. This book here in a little bit. But if this is your first time here you. Guys welcome thank you guys so much for. Joining me. I would love it if you guys became part. Of the diy family by subscribing to my. Channel. And hitting the bell so you're notified. Every time i upload a video. All right let's get on to the first diy. And then i'll tell you guys a little bit. About. Supermaker for this first diy which i. Absolutely love. I will be using a wooden heart not to be. Confused with my stone. Cold heart this one is from. Michaels and it's 2.99 and there was a. 20 coupon on. 

I feel like if you go to the website now. You might be able to find that i've had. It in my stockpile for several years. So i am painting it with some bare ultra. White paint this is just a sample paint. Either from lowe's or home depot i don't. Remember who carries bare paint. Um but i feel like this type of paint. Just gives your crafts a higher. Quality and the whole purpose of this. Video um because of the sponsorship i'm. Showing you guys how to make stuff. That's gonna be. Long lasting and even stuff that you can. Turn around. And sell. Taking my square and a dollar tree glass. Marker you guys can use any type of. Marker that you want you can use any. Color i'm just using it in black and i'm. Using the square so that i can put the. Lines on there pretty straight and as. You guys can see i'm lining it up to the. Edge. And then i also lined it up to the. Bottom to begin with just to have my. Lines as straight as possible. Once that's done i am going to be taking. A sanding block and then just. Distressing those lines a little bit so. That they're not too bold. And shiny i did attach a hook to it and. These you can find at walmart. At least that's where i found them and. Then to add the dollar tree element i am. Gonna be taking these rub on transfers. That i. Just recently got in my last haul um. They're super easy to put on there just. Cut them out. And then put them on to the piece of. Whatever you're gonna put them on. Rub them and then take the little peel. Thing off. Make sure we do this right. This is where i feel i should have left. It alone but i started adding little. Lines on it i don't know why. I feel like it needed something you guys. Tell me what you think is it better with. Or without the lines. Tonight so just sit. With me talking to the night into the. Morning building cat. Mystery i don't think i ever want to go. Come. Actually in the middle of reading this. Book called super maker and it's by. Jamie schmidt. Dude i feel like this book was. Literally speaking to me like reading. About myself. In this book and i was up pretty late. Last night and i got about. I don't know almost halfway through the. Book i've been kind of skimming through. It. Um just looking at the different. Chapters what it's about if you guys are. Crafters obviously you are because. You're here and watching diy videos. I know most of you might do this as a. Hobby but i know there's some of you out. There that do it. To turn around and sell your creations. Whether you have etsy shops your own. Websites or you guys just kind of market. Yourself on. Social media believe the book comes out. 

September 8th but you guys can pre-order. Your copies now i'll be sure. To link down below so a little bit about. Jamie. She is actually the founder and creator. Of. Schmidt's naturals and if you guys. Haven't heard of it it's a brand that's. Pretty much. Sold all over the place like target. Walmart. Cvs she actually started creating her. Own stuff in her very own kitchen. To farmers markets to local mom and pop. Shops. To freaking walmart to actually selling. The entire brand and making. A nine-figure profit in this book she. Tells you a little bit about her. Background but she also provides. Tools for you guys to have a successful. Crafting business crafting business on. Your own terms. She talks about her mistakes tools to. Take you out of your comfort zone. Tools to make sure that you're marketing. Yourself correctly on social media like. Facebook. Instagram all of that so in chapter five. She talks about. Minding your own business and this is. Something that i struggle with. So much on this platform just because. There's so many channels. Like my own that i sometimes i can't. Help you know. What the competition's doing and for her. To kind of share her experiences with. That and it's okay to protect. What you're working for and it's okay to. Be upset. When there's copycats out there that are. Trying to take your hard. Work learning to look past that and. Minding your own business. And focusing on your own stuff to. Make sure that it is successful and not. Really worry about what everybody else. Is doing because. That's their business that chapter is my. Chapter. All right guys so this is a little. Glimpse of this book super maker by. Jamie schmidt. Link down below i would highly suggest. It. 

So this diy is probably one of my. Favorite diys that i've ever done. And i am using this leftover piece of. Paneling that i got from home depot. I did use this on my kitchen and i still. Have. Another piece left over i'll also be. Using. A couple of these one by two piece. Boards and they're eight feet long. They're also from home depot and i think. They were like a buck. Something they were i know they were. Under two dollars and i'm just going to. Measure them. Out and i am going to be nailing those. To the top of the board. So for the frame inside of the frame i'm. Using i think it's like a quarter inch. And these. Come in about three feet long pieces. They are with the wood i don't know what. They're called um i did use two of those. And then the dollar tree family sign. So you could definitely glue these. Together but just because i hate waiting. For stuff. To dry like paint and glue i uh i am. Using some nails on the corners and i'm. Using. Two nails because if i only use one it's. Going to kind of rotate on me so i want. To make sure that it's on there nice and. Firm. So i obviously used a saw to cut the. Wood and i do have it linked down below. And then i did the same thing with a. Smaller frame just added one. Nail onto the corners of it. You make me anxious. So i'm just making sure to dust it all. Off that way it's nice and smooth when i. Stain it and i am going to be using this. Wood stain and special walnut it's the. Same one that i used. For my desk area same one that i use for. My kitchen. Shelves and i like keeping things. Similar you know kind of go with the. Theme especially if they're going to be. In the same area. And i love this color i just think it's. So. Nice and i don't know it just gives it a. Really nice. Dropping everything cause you're. Stuck on my mind. My mind so just sit. With me talking to the night into the. Morning building cat. Mystery i don't think i ever want to go. Come closer next. Tell me try to find another way to say. This but i think. I think we were meant to be. Oh we were meant to be. Oh we were meant to be. Meant to be. 

So just. I wanted to make sure everything's nice. And even so i'm just measuring out the. Spaces in between and where i'm gonna. Glue it and you'll notice that i'm not. Gonna be using any wood glue. Just because it takes quite a bit of. Time for it to dry completely. Or not completely but even for me to be. Able to move on to the next step before. I get on to. That part of gluing down i am going to. Be using this rust-oleum. Black textured spray paint for the. Wooden family sign. From dollar tree and to glue stuff down. Like i mentioned i won't be using wood. Glue or hot glue because we want this to. Be you know on that high end scale. And make it durable this spot right here. I was actually gonna paint black and i. Was going to do the lettering. In white but my husband didn't like that. Thought so anyway. I will be using the star bond super glue. Which is. Really really strong and you know i. Already made a sign and used this to. Glue a. Wooden piece to it so i think it's fine. Um and i did add some heavy weight on. There just to make sure that it stays. Put. So after it's nice and painted i am. Going to go in there with a sanding. Block and just sanding the edges on it. Just to give it a little bit of like a. Highlight. Or like an outline on it and then it's. Already. A flat color it's like textured but just. To give it a more distressed look i am. Gonna sand. Over the entire surface say just give it. Some time by the end of. Our talk i'm feeling. This ain't no ordinary love we got going. On. Until we get bored. Oh. If ever you should be in doubt. On this one i am using some black dollar. Tree wire and i'm clipping it at the end. With a clamp. Or a clip or whatever this thing is so. That my beads don't slide off and these. Are beads from. Amazon that i also have linked below and. I use a total. Of five sizes one size like the biggest. One i'm only going to use one of the. Beads. But you guys decide if you do make this. You know just do the pattern that you. Want but i went like from small. To big back down to the small and once. They're all on there i am going to slide. Them towards the center of the wire. And then taking the two ends i'm going. To twist it up. And i'm going to put more beads on the. Bottom kind of like a rosary. And then at the end i am going to attach. A cross. And the cross that i'm using i actually. Got it from totally dazzled. Which i will also link down below for. You guys um. I use those crosses they're so pretty. And they're definitely a glam style. I use them for my daughter's baptism. Decorations and i still have quite a bit. Of them in my stockpile um but again i. Will link totally dazzle down below. And then i know i'm still doing stuff. Here but that cross i am going to take. The clip off and then also spray paint. It with that same black. Textured spray paint. Home to you again. And this is again another split decision. That i made and i don't know if i should. Have just left it how it was. But i took a sanding block and i just. Took off some of that paint. To have some of those little um diamonds. Or not. Obviously they're not diamonds but those. Little uh jewels. To shine. Of the through together forever is. So these were actually inspired by the. Big family sign that i made. That's below them and i wanted to make. Something that was. Meaningful to the whole family so i made. These initial boxes using these dollar. Tree signs. And these are just like the valentine's. Day signs um i think they come in. Like three like attached together and i. Only use two of them. And i use these paint stir sticks that. Are from amazon that i have linked down. Below. And i just basically cut into a perfect. Square they were about four and a. Quarter. Inches and i cut all of the paint stir. Sticks to size. Um and i use the same wood stain again i. Like to keep the theme going you know. Um just everything's going to be in the. Same room sort of so i want it to. Kind of go together really well. After cutting these out into my squares. I realize that you can take the backing. Off of it. 

And sometimes it comes off really easily. And sometimes it does not so you guys. Decide whether you want to keep it or. Not. It's going to face the wall so i don't. Really care and then using the same bare. Paint. I'm going to paint all of these and i go. In different directions because doing. That it gives it like a textured look. And it almost makes it look like canvas. Okay so now i'm just gonna put all of my. Pieces together. And i cut them a certain way to fit onto. These little squares but i wasn't paying. Attention when i was gluing them. So you might see that they're that. They're a little off. And they don't align perfectly on the. Sides but it's okay. Um so yeah i went in there with two. Layers of the super glue because it does. Absorb. Like the first layer and that super glue. Is really really strong. I really do recommend you guys use. Something like this if you don't use. Wood glue and again this is linked down. Below and after that i am going to be. Using these dollar tree stickers. And i actually if i had like a vinyl. Maker or like a cray cricket cricket. Yeah qriket. I would probably make those but actually. To make these look a little bit more. High-end. I took that sanding block once again and. I and i just kind of scored it. And it makes it look a little more. Distressed and like it blends in. With the back. Make a walk for change. For this one i'm taking a leftover piece. Of laminate flooring that we used on our. Floor. And i'm gonna use this yeah so i. Actually cut off the lip. And then i sanded it down and i sanded. It a little bit on the top also to take. Some of that shine away. Obviously i don't expect you guys to. Have laminate flooring just laying. Around but you know what. One piece of laminate flooring is. Actually pretty inexpensive. Depending on what you get a dollar two. Dollars. Or you could use regular wood as well. Regular. Wood as well i have a hard time speaking. And i'm taking one of these dollar tree. Vases some greenery that you see blowing. On the side there. And one of these little hook thingies. Also from dollar tree these are in the. Automotive. Section now you guys can see i went. Ahead and painted that. Black with the same black spray paint. That i've been using for all the other. Things. And then also using this ultra matte. White for. The vase and you guys if you haven't. Bought the nozzle yet for your spray. Paint cans. What are you waiting for they. Are amazing i do have them linked down. Below as well. I know we're going somewhere. Make a change. All right my hooks up my jars painted. And i was gonna add. Some more of these little words on there. 

But i don't know if i was gonna overdo. It with the decals or not. I just left it as is but then when i. Hung it on the hook. It did look a little bare so i ended up. Using a bead garland that i made in a. Previous video and then also used some. Of that dollar tree greenery. Wish that i could stay wish for this. Moment to. Never go away. But it's all in my mind. And though i know that there is nothing. To find. Your beautiful. And you can't put up a fight in the. Misty. See how you've grown while you're. Roaming the streets all alone. All right guys so that is going to be it. For today's video thank you guys so much. For watching and then also for. Um sticking through that little spiel on. The book super maker. Again i feel like this book is going to. Be really really awesome read. If you did enjoy this video i would love. It if you guys give me a thumbs up i. Don't know why i always do this with my. Hands i feel like i can't keep my hands. Still. I would love it if you guys gave me a. Thumbs up leave me your comments down. Below. Don't forget to subscribe and i will see. You guys on the next one. About what your life came to be. Your beautiful sight in the sun. And you can't put up a fight in the. Misty. 

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