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Cheap Bathroom Remodel DIY

 Cheap Bathroom Remodel DIY. Avoid changing the position of major plumbing. Bringing an outdoor natural rustic look to the floor of the shower is an extension of that idea.

Hey guys if you're looking to update a. Bathroom out of budget i am so glad you. Clicked on this video i want to share. With you five super easy diy tips you. Can use to update your bathroom and the. Best part is a lot of these i bet you. Haven't heard of before. You probably remember this bathroom. Because the last time i was at my friend. Justice house for a playdate we painted. Her bathroom vanity with chalk paint i. Made a whole video about it which i'll. Be sure to link on the screen. We added gorgeous pedestal legs and. 

Changed out the hardware so here is how. The complete bathroom renovation turned. Out we are going to be changing this. Bathroom which is amazing because it's. Kind of been an eyesore for three years. But look how much better first i love it. It's so much better and it grout and. We're gonna it's gonna be good oh it's. Bad it looks like a like a haunted. Mansion. Tip one it's to frame out your mirror. You can go to the hardware store and get. Molding which actually comes pre painted. You want to cut at 45-degree angles to. Lay over the top of your mirror now if. It's like most builder-grade mirrors. It's gonna have one of those little. Clips that attaches to the wall to make. Sure that this molding can get around. That all you have to take is paint. Stirrer sticks glue them to the back. And then glue the entire piece directly. On to the mirror it's going to go. Perfectly on to the wall and then all. You have to do is add some caulking to. Completely finish it out so you can't. See the back of the frame through the. Mirror and no worries if you get any. on the mirror you can use a razor. 

Blade to get it off very dissatisfied oh. My gosh those satisfying and then it. Just slid it right off and turn right. Off it looks so clean though like you. Never you never know so it's missing. Everyone next is to update your faucet. Now i'm sure you've heard this tip. Before but what you may not know is you. Can actually get some faucets cheaper on. Amazon the one that she found was a. Third of the price on amazon than it was. At the hardware store it's beautiful and. Goes really well with the farmhouse. Style of the bathroom and i'll be sure. To link it down below. She also updated the light fixture which. Turned out absolutely amazing and those. Are really easy changes you can make on. A very small budget. Next is grout paint now the original. Grout in this bathroom is actually a. Yellow color which was not doing the. Space any favors but it is so expensive. To retile so by painting the grout gray. It really made the space of beautiful. Matched really well with the walls and. It looks really seamless and elegant and. This would not be a doing on a dime. Video without some organization now one. Of my favorite dollar store organizers. Are the stacking bins now something you. Have to know otherwise they will drive. You bonkers bananas is you do need to. Hot glue them together so stack them up. And you want to stack them at a slanted. 

Angle and put little dabs of hot glue. And this will not fall over it will be. Really sturdy in your cabinet and you. Can also put a little bit of poster. Putty underneath of it so it doesn't. Slide around and something else. I told judge she needed to try was a. Sleepover bin now this isn't her guest. Bathroom with extra toothbrushes and. Hair bows and toothpaste those are some. Of my favorite dollar store containers. We also took a wicker basket that she. Had from another spot in the house to. Put toilet paper inside it is so. Organized under the sink she can find. Everything that she needs. She also has a little stool that she got. From ikea and on top of it some white. Towels and i love rolling towels instead. Of folding them i think it gives it such. A spa-like feel this bathroom underwent. Such a transformation on such a small. Budget. [music]. Leave me comment down below with your. Favorite tip from this video and if you. Enjoyed it definitely leave it a thumbs. Up and i know you want to see more. Budget-friendly tips like it subscribe. And you hit that notification valve so. That way you know every time i post new. Content i am so grateful for you and the. Fact that you're a part of this. Community i'll catch you guys soon bye. Bye this what you guys know me too well. Jess isn't even home but i told her i. Was going in her house so i could. Organize everything so when she gets. Back she's gonna love it. 

Vintage Rustic Industrial Bathroom Reveal Refresh Living Cheap Bathroom Remodel Budget Bathroom Remodel Simple Bathroom Remodel
Vintage Rustic Industrial Bathroom Reveal Refresh Living Cheap Bathroom Remodel Budget Bathroom Remodel Simple Bathroom Remodel from

These cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms are quick and easy. According to remodeling magazine s cost vs. This was a process and a half but honestly couldn t have done it without my dad.

Take the time in your diy bathroom remodeling to consider what details will serve the bathroom users best.

Not yet i have to give you the before tour first. Value report an average bathroom remodel costs around 10 500 while an upscale remodel is going to run you a hefty 26 000. While a bathroom is in general a function heavy space this doesn t mean it can t perform its job without style and comfort and even beauty. One of the aims of the best 30 bathroom remodel update ideas on a budget is to save money.

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