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Cell Phone Charging Station Woodworking Plans

 Cell Phone Charging Station Woodworking Plans. Made of inexpensive poplar and maple the station is easy to build using simple joinery techniques. Diy book it cell phone charging station.

Hey guys paul here every year about this. Time i start thinking about projects for. Holiday gifts i think about what are. People gonna like and what am i going to. Be able to design that i can crank out. About eight to ten in a saturday this is. What i've come up with this year this is. A an acoustic amplifier for a cell phone. These this is a popular project you've. Seen all kinds of articles and videos. Out there these days and so this is my. Take on it this is walnut. I've got dual sound ports coming out. Each side what i like about it also is. That it has a cord port so you can run a. Cord through this and have it sitting on. The charger while it's playing so this. Is sort of a docking station and. Amplifier as well so kind of serves a. Couple purposes a very simple project to. Make the amplification that you get is. About eight to ten decibels and it also. Enriches the song i've worked with about. Four or five different prototypes before. Landing on this particular design and. This one really in in blind tests a. Couple people picked it out of the. Lineup as the one that really delivered. The best amplification and the best.

Sound quality enhancement so but it gets. Started with the project we have four. Pieces of wood. I used wallet i think it works well for. This project but you can use whatever. Would you want outside suggest a. Hardwood you've got the front and back. And i'll put the the dimensions up on. The screen now and if you want to pause. And do a print screen you should be able. To take that out to the shop and that'll. Get you what you need to kind of get the. Pieces rough cut this is a base that. We're going to cut in half and and these. Are going to create the sound. Amplification ramps going on each side. And it'll all make more sense in a. Little bit and then this will be the top. Piece so i'm gonna just do some. Sketching on these and then we'll start. Walking through some cuts first thing. We're gonna do is take the base unit and. We're gonna draw a line from corner to. Corner and. Cut this right in half we're gonna just. Take this over the bandsaw cut right. Through that line then take it over to. The sander and clean up any saw marks. Left behind by the bandsaw now if you're. Careful when you're sanding you can get. It so that these top surfaces line up. Really well i was pretty close but not. Perfect and i want it to be perfect so. Because this is gonna be the surface. That the cellphone sits on and i want it. To sit evenly so i'm gonna just take a. Low angle black plane and i'm just gonna. Shear that surface so that that the two. Surfaces are flush with one another just. A few strokes will do it and you get a. Nice surface for the phone to rest on. 

That's nice and even alright next step. Is to create a slot for the chord relief. These are lines 1/2 inch apart centered. On the back panel that'll give us a slot. For chord relief and we're going to. Remove that waste over at the table saw. All right i've got the blade height set. For five eighths of an inch and i'm. Gonna just nibble away removing the. Material between those two lines. [music]. And i'm going to just use a sharp chisel. To remove the saw marks that were left. From the previous step now i've taken. The top piece and i've created a slot a. Line for a slot that is five eighths of. An inch by three and a half inches and. It's centered on one side of the top. Piece now this is where you would adjust. It for your cell phone size but three. And a half inch should work for most. Cell phones out there even including the. Case alright back at the table saw with. The exact same set up blade height is at. Five eighths of an inch and i'm gonna. Make two cuts i'm gonna hit the inside. Of each one of the vertical lines on and. Then i'll clean up the rest of it over. At the scroll saw. [music]. Then i'll just use the scroll saw to. Remove the remaining waste following the. Line as carefully as possible alright. Time for an easy assembly i've got the. Pieces kind of staged in the way that. They're going to go together the only. Thing that you need to keep in mind when. You're assembling this is that the slot. For the cell phone and the the slot for. The cord relief go on the same side so. That's going to be oriented as the back. Of the unit and it will work a lot. Better if you have it all aligned that. Way so i just do the back first and i've. Got the phone slot down and then these. Pieces really simple you're just going. To align them to the phone slot so just. Get that perfect alignment like so and. 

Then of course the bottom of the base. Aligns with the bottom of the back panel. And same thing over here and then we're. Just going to load up the other pieces. With glue rinse and repeat. All right i'm gonna just let that sit. For a couple minutes i like to let the. Glue start to grab a little bit first. Before i put the clamps on and it just. Makes things a lot easier to to snug up. With the clamps when they're not sliding. All over the place there and i've got. One clamp on in the middle of loosely. Holding everything in place and together. And then i'm gonna get in there with a. Screwdriver and a damp cloth to get the. Glue out of those nooks and crannies. That are gonna be kind of hard to reach. All right now with the glue mostly. Cleaned up i've got two clamps in place. And just tightening down the third one. And then these these screw style clamps. Work great for this project three of. Them holds everything very securely just. Gonna clean up a little bit more glue. That's squeezed out and then let it sit. For a half-hour so before we start to. Make our next moves all right everything. Is set up and sitting there for a couple. Hours actually no and so i'm just gonna. Get the clamps off of here and then i'm. Just gonna flush all of all of the. Joints smooth using a hand plane now you. Can do this by running it through a. Planer or over on the jointer but this. Is a good way to get the joints just. Really nice and flush and also improve. Your your surface for sanding and really. Will require very little sanding when. You're done with this all right our goal. 

Here is to just barely catch the back. Corner and we're gonna cut it at a 45. Degree angle coming toward the front so. I've drawn the lines here you don't. Really need to draw these lines because. You're gonna just line up 45-degree cut. Off of that rear corner i have a 12-inch. Miter saw if you have that capacity. You'll be able to cut through this no. Problem if you don't take it over the. Bandsaw and and cut it there be an. Easier way to do it or handsaw i would. Work fine as well. All right now i just want to do some. Sanding and what i'm gonna do is just. Take a random orbital and gently round. Over all the sharp corners i don't want. To do i don't want to make a big radius. By rounding over aggressively because. It'll change the look this is a very. Angular geometry piece and i want to. Maintain that look so gentle rolling. Over just to ease the edges and then a. Light sanding across the whole surface. And we'll be ready for some finish also. To make sure that you get in around the. Perimeter of the foam slot so that. That's not sharp feeling and it's nice. And smooth for the phone as it slides. Through alright next i'm gonna just hit. It with a couple coats of finish i'm. Using a walnut oil for this this is. Mahoney's finishes walnut oil i really. Like this product a lot but you can put. Whatever you know clear topcoat finish. Or stain for that matter if you want if. You're staining it be aware that it's. Kind of tricky to get into some of the. Nooks and crannies so a clear finish is. A particularly penetrating oil is a more. Forgiving easier way to go but you. Finished this however you want and and. Make sure that you hit with a couple. Coats let everything set in soak in good. And i with this walnut oil i let it i'll. Just load it up heavily and let it sit. Overnight and see what's see what's left. To wipe off in the morning and usually. Nothing it usually soaks it all in and. I'll hit it with a couple coats and that. Wraps it up a super simple project hope. You enjoy this if you did please click. Like and subscribe to the tool metrics. Channel and i hope you cranked out a. Whole bunch of these for your holiday. Gift list thanks for watching. 

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