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Castle Out Of Cardboard

 Castle Out Of Cardboard. If you want to make a really big castle ask at a store that sells appliances if they have any big boxes. I have the first version of this castle done.I'm mark from petsmart and like other. Cats. Roger loves being around us until he's. Tired of us and once of those things and. If you're like most people you've. Probably got a lot of empty boxes. Sitting around the house today we're. Going to show you how to use some of. Those to create a personal space just. For your cat all you're gonna need are a. Few boxes some tape glue markers the. Cutting instrument and just a little bit. Of creativity first tape up the boxes. Then you want to cut a hole in the. Bottom of the box that's large enough. For your tactic editor so what we're. Doing is we're going to create a very. Tall space for the cat to climb you. Wanna give them a little extra space if. You have the rim take another box put it. Side by side connect them is like you've. Done these and it has been able to go. From the tall tower to the shorter so. The holes need to match up they don't. Have to be perfect they're beautiful. Your cat's not gonna judge you well not. Any more than they already does. Once these fit together what you're. Gonna see is we have a nice large. Structure for the cat to play in next. Step glue them together and with some. Tape and a folded box we have known. 

Phil we've done some decorating let's. Take a tour cats love confined spaces. But they never ever like feel trapped so. Make the entrance door large enough for. Them to come and go freely some abstract. Shrugs ruth message. Brooklyn rogers peeking out the window. And soul into this front window i'm. Going to attach little mouse. The roger likes to play a little and. Then over here on the side i have. Attached a ribbon that he loves so that. 

Will also entice him to explore the home. And here roger is ready to explore take. A look around oh look at that a second. Story i know you have hides and i know. How you love that little mouse oh and. There's your ribbon looks like this. Place was made just for you roger. It sure was david got your name on it. Enjoy. 

Castle Made Out Of Cardboard Boxes I M Gonna Have Prepping For Adris Party Cardboard Castle Knight Birthday Party Princess Theme Party
Castle Made Out Of Cardboard Boxes I M Gonna Have Prepping For Adris Party Cardboard Castle Knight Birthday Party Princess Theme Party from

The top part of the box that you have cut away is perfect cardboard to use for making the various internal parts of the castle. Use a cardboard tube to make a whimsical tower sprouting off the main tower. As the box was not that big i taped the corners with masking tape to give it more height.

To build a castle out of cardboard boxes you ll need big sturdy boxes.

Paper castle diy castle simple and easy way to make a paper castle for school project how to make paper castle easy paper castle diy castle for kid. A paper cutter knife and a pencil. It has you all you need the templates and instructions. Great looking and easy to make castle.

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