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Cardboard Craft Ideas For Adults

 Cardboard Craft Ideas For Adults. Here are 27 creative paper crafts for adults. Diy ideas with cardboard 1. Hey guys today i'm going to show you how. To make these cute shopkins lip balms. And kitty cups if you'd like to see more. Fun diys then click that subscribe. Button below this is a collab with the. Amazing chrissy from glamour life fox go. Check out her shopkins jelly soap and. Subscribe to her channel she has some. Amazing diys now let's get on with the. Video first i'm going to show you the. Simple lip balm recipe i found online i. Will link it down below you will need. Some lip balm containers some kool-aid. And also some vaseline carefully melt. The vaseline in a microwave safe bowl in. 30 to 40 second intervals until it is. Hot and melted be careful the bowl will. Be very hot then just mixing your. Kool-aid and pour it in your containers. And place it in the freezer for 30 to 45. Minutes. 

Next you will need some of these. Bathroom cups. I found these ones at walmart and you. Will also need a piece of cardboard. Begin by tracing around the cup once. You've traced around the cup then you. Will just need to cut that out place the. Cardboard circle and your cup to make. Sure that it fits the first lip-balm i'm. Going to show you how to make is very. Smoothy to start making very smoothie. You will need white model magic clay. Roll that into a snake shape and then. Just start winding that up on top of the. Cardboard cutout. The next thing i will be using is this. Orange model magic clay i just rolled. That into a ball and with a toothpick i. Made little indents on the top to. Resemble the top of the berry smoothie. 

Shopkins i also cut out a orange. Triangle i then placed my orange pieces. On top of my white model magic clay to. Resemble the berry smoothie shopkins. Roll a piece of yellow clay into a rope. Shape then cut them out to resemble the. Straws once those have dried you will. Want to glue them together and then. Place them on top of the white model. Magic clay here is what you should have. At this point after everything has dried. To secure the lip balm container into. The cup i just took a toilet paper roll. Cut that down to size and then glued it. Together. I applied some blue to my role and then. I secured my lip balm container onto. That and here it was after everything. Had dried next i place some glue on the. Bottom of the roll and secure that to. The top. Remove the top of the lip balm container. Apply some glue and glue your cardboard. Piece to that now you will need one of. These printables i will leave a link. Down below where you can find these once. You have that printed out then you will. Just want to cut it out begin by. Wrapping the printable around the cup. And you can either secure it with tape. Or glue there will actually be a little. Bit left over so you will need to cut. That off and then once you have that cut. Off then you can secure the other side. And here is the completed berry smoothie. You can just go ahead and twist the top. Off and you can apply the lip balm with. Your finger. Excellent bomb is a petkins. Dinky drink you will follow all the same. Procedures as before except for of. Course the top of the cup so to make. This one you will need some brown model. Magic clay you will just begin by. Pressing that on to the cardboard piece. That you would cut out to make the straw. Just roll out a piece of brown clay and. Then i'm just using a toothpick to give. It some definition. Place the straw onto the top next roll. Out three brown pieces and place those. Around the straw to resemble the dinky. 

Drink then i cut out two triangular. Pieces for the ears then you'll just. Want to place those on to the top use. The link down below to print out this. Printable cut it out and then wrap it. Around the cup like i did for the last. One here is the dinky drink petkins lip. Balm to make the candy cups you will. Need some of these foam cups i also. Found these at walmart you will want to. Begin by cutting off the top of the foam. Cup to make these you will follow all. The same procedures as before except for. You will not have to secure obviously a. Lip balm container into the cup. And here is the dinky drink candy cup. Add your favorite candy and there you. Have your very own petkins candy cup and. Here is berry smoothie so now you know. How to make some fun shopkins lip balms. And candy cups are you ready for the. Shopkins surprise for the first surprise. Box let's see what was in here oh look. At how cute its little pet collar and. For the next one. It's the adorable drips. And for the next surprise box let's see. What we have in here oh it's pili potato. And let's see what the next one is it's. Rita remote please remember to check out. Chrissy's video and check out some of my. Other diy videos please remember to like. Subscribe comment and share until next. Time have a great day guys. 

Welcome Artatbutler Org Bluehost Com Cardboard Sculpture Cardboard Art Paper Sculpture
Welcome Artatbutler Org Bluehost Com Cardboard Sculpture Cardboard Art Paper Sculpture from

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