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Cardboard Box House Ideas

 Cardboard Box House Ideas. Stack two cardboard boxes and create a beautiful cathouse out of them. With some really basic and inexpensive materials a plain cardboard box can be transformed into a stimulating and colorful play house.

Today i'm gonna make a set of diy. Floating shelves for less than seven. Dollars a piece and before we get. Started here's your list of materials. To make the shelves it does not require. A ton of tools i'm using one 8 foot. Piece of lumber for each shelf i'm going. To start by cutting away the large. Pieces first and you can use a handsaw. Or you can use power tools depending on. If you have them or not if you're using. A circular saw you can use a speed. Square as a guide while you make your. Cuts and of course if you have a miter. Saw this should make quick work of all. These cuts and after all the pieces are. 

Cut i'll end up with 4 pieces of lumber. Measuring at 32 inches and 4 pieces of. Lumber measuring at 6 inches if you're a. Bit more experienced and consider using. Miter cuts for the corners now plywood. Glue to the joints to hold this entire. Shelf together i'm going to use a half. Inch dowel i'm gonna mark the dowel so. That it goes through both pieces of wood. [music]. And have to add in the first value juana. Had a second one on the opposite side so. You end up with two dollars per corner. Apply wood glue to the dowel and also. Place glue down in the hole hammer the. Dow down into the hole until they hit a. Stopping point then take a saw and cut. Off the excess you can apply wood filler. To fill in all the imperfection or you. Can leave it as it is which is the way. I'm leaving it i'm just going to sand it. Down with 80 grit sandpaper and then. Come back with 120 and then 220 to. Finalize it. The choice is all up to you you can. Paint it or stain it for me i'm going to. Use an oil rubs brown paint to paint the. Shelves and i really like the way this. 

Paint look because when the light hit it. It has this nice rich look to it the. Paint itself it's pretty thick and after. The second coat you see hardly any brush. Streaks after the first coat of paint it. Had to actually look to it but after. Applying a second coat of paint the. Color really started to come up. And here's a quick tip for you if you. Ever wanted to mount something on a wall. And you just wanted to transfer it to. The wall easily then this should work. Just fine for you here i'm going to take. A piece of scrap wood and i'm gonna mark. Two holes exactly where i want the. Mounting holes to be then i transfer. Girls holes over to the wood then i take. The same piece of wood and i love over. That to the wall mark those holes and it. Should line up every time now trace out. The keyhole hanger onto the wood before. You drill and here i'm gonna take a bit. To drill out the opening. [music]. If you want to keep it simple and easy. Just surface-mount in the keyhole hangar. To the back of the shelf however if you. Want it to look much nicer and flat to. The wall you'd want to consider. Mortising the keyhole hangar into the. Wood and i'll show you how you can do. That with a drill bit and a razor blade. 

And now when it comes to mounting a chef. I'm going to find the center of the wood. That i previously used to mark the. Mounting holes and once i find the. Center i'm gonna use that wood and find. The center within the opening that i. Wish to mount the shelf while holding. The wood level mark the mounting holes. To mount the shelves i'm going to use. These plastic screw drywall anchors and. Each one of these hold up to 50 pounds. If you're new to woodworking and you'd. Want to get started consider checking. Out my limited tools video playlist down. In the description i will be back to. Posting limited tools projects starting. Next week i'm glen with diy creators and. Don't forget to like comment and. Subscribe i'll catch you on the next one. 

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Diy cardboard light box made with card stock box string lights and plastic sheet with vinyl lettering. Stack two cardboard boxes and create a beautiful cathouse out of them. Also decorate the upper box using markers of different colors.

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Ginger bread house this can be done w duct tape or riveting cardboard boxes inside out together cut in the shape of a house roof draw paint designs as shown in picture candy cane corners. An easy tutorial to make a light box out of cardboard to take better pictures with good led light at any time during the day or night. It will promote various social skills too among the kids along with boosting their physical activities. You need two large cardboard boxes white poster paint black paint blue cardstock paper for the shingled roof led string lights doorknobs and tape to build this cardboard bungalow.

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