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Button Crafts For Adults

 Button Crafts For Adults. Sort out buttons with a similar color scheme to your favorite clutch. Thanks for a lovely lens. Hello and welcome back to my channel. It's wendy loves crafting here so i'm. Coming back on today because i've got. Um aliexpress haul and. Ebay um to show you what i've. Been. Collecting so without further ado my. Lovelies i'm going to get on with it and. I'm going to show you. So the first all um the first. Things i'd like to show you is these. And these was off ebay and there's some. Beautiful um. Beads so i've got these tiny tiny pastel. Gorgeous beads because i've got a few. Things coming up so. I got the smaller beads in them look. They were the pastel colors. Then i got the next size opinion lock. And these they were 74p for 50.. Now i think there's 100 in there i think. There's 100 in there they were 74p. And these i've got two packs of these. These were 74 pence. Each and you get 50 um. 50 little beads in each pack lock and. They're all the pastel colors so i've. Got the next size up to them ones. So i got those and i've got these. Gorgeous little bows hair look and the. Tiny tiny. Pastel bows look so you gave me the. Pinks the mint greens the purples the. Creams. And they really really are pretty i. Think they cost me a pound than ones did. So that was off the first store and then. 

The second store. I am i got these. And i'm going to show you and then i'll. Tell you how much they are. So here they are one minute. So right. Except for them ones guys so that one. That one that one except for them ones. All these here were 79p. Each all them and they was 99.. So you've got all the little um. Names lot letters which you can make. Something with. So you've got all the letters the. Alphabet letters so i got them to go. With those. I also got these the like little flat. Back. Well they're not like a bubble um these. Are beads as well. So flat and so nice guys um they were. 79p. I got lots of these little tassels in. The bag here. And this small little tassels what can. On key rings 79p. I got the is it the claw clips i'm not. Sure. The little fasteners look when you. Fasten them. Here look the little fasteners the. Little orcs on your bracelets. I think there's 50 in a bag for 74p. There look. I got these here and they're like little. Beads look. On here a lot let me show you if i can. Show you one here a lot. And they're so tiny look guys if you can. See. And if you pull it apart there's a. Spring look on it there's a spring and. You can put a bead inside as well. So i've done them to make something with. Or 79p these are the little ends you put. On. Them liquor fasteners but instead of. Getting the single ends i've got the. Double barrelled ones look. So i've got a big bag of those look as. Well. 

Also then i also. Picked up these which i thought was so. Cute and this is a mixture bag of. Lollipops and everything. And this was i think it was two pound. This one. And i'm going to show you what's in this. One and they're all here a lot. And you get all these look and so cute. You get the. You get the lollipop look at that. Lollipop then you get a little fab. Lollipop there lock. So there's two little lollipops there. Then you get the right uh the unicorn. Rainbow. You get a little biscuit lock. And then you get another little lollipop. Look look at that. How cute is that and they're really good. To put on things. Then you get another little lollipop. Like an ice cream lollipop which i. Thought was really nice. And then i think you get like a little. Piece of rock. You get also get a little is that a. Grapefruit. You get a little macaroon and then you. Also get a little flump as well look. So i thought that was really nice and. Then the next thing i got. Was i got some dyes come through. Now the dyes i've ordered of course you. Know i love unicorns and she's so so. Pretty now when i cut her. Out i'll show you and that is the. Beautiful. Let me see if i can put it behind. Something can you see it she's the. Beautiful. We articular and sorry it's glaring guys. And she's the beautiful unicorn look. She's so cute look she's got a little. Dress and. She's all dressed up i'll come back and. Show you what that one looks like. And then i've got this little foxy one. More she's a little fox one lot and. She's got the little dress and the shoes. And everything with the lock. So i picked up those two and then last. But not least guys. I picked up this. And this um let me just put it on here. And it's like um it's like a belt lock. But you can use it for when you do your. Handbags and. The buckles you can do all sorts with it. So i've got let me see if i can take. That one out look because i know it's. Shining it's not fair it's in your eyes. Isn't it. So let me have a look see if i can check. This one out here it is a lot. It's really really nice look that's the. Belt and you get the buckles and all the. Clips lot and you can use these when you. Make your little clam bags a lot. Let me see if i can show you them ones a. Bit better. Because i should have shown you these. Ones a bit better. But come out the bags guys. There you go look can you see she's so. Cute. I love her i do i think she's really. Nice and you get like say all the. Accessories with it. And then you've got the little foxy one. Look as well a lot. Which i think is lovely so yeah. 

They're lovely and then that's the belt. One. And i can't wait to start those and then. What i'm gonna do. Like i say on my last stall i bought. These beads myself there's only a pan. These was but i'm gonna. I've got some paints and stuff but i'm. Gonna color these into them to make the. Bigger ones. So that is everything i've got my. Lovelies. And when i've got to start what i'm. Going to start doing now stop doing my. Makes guys and then i'll come back on. And show you what i've been making. All right my lovelies so i just want to. Say thank you so much for watching. And um take care and god bless and. I'll speak to you soon have a nice day. Bye for now. Bye.

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