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Building Shelves With 2x4 And Plywood

 Building Shelves With 2x4 And Plywood. With the right tools and techniques you will be able to build garage shelves from 2 4 s and plywood. Easy storage shelf diy design fanatic.

Diy Build Your Own Shelves Made Using 2x4 S 1 2 Osb For Shelving Use Screws To Put Together Diy Storage Shelves Diy Storage Home Organization
Diy Build Your Own Shelves Made Using 2x4 S 1 2 Osb For Shelving Use Screws To Put Together Diy Storage Shelves Diy Storage Home Organization from

Most lumberyards are going to be in a hurry and will not likely be very accurate in their cuts this can. 2x4 frames 2x4 brackets and 3 8 plywood shelf toppers. The 2x4s boards all sit vertically their strongest orientation.

Hello friends today we're going to build. This bookshelf and then subsequently. Take it apart here we go. So the shelf is going to be for my. Sister-in-law kathleen i had to build it. Here for her it's all belated birthday. Gift she's going to use it to store. Patterns but she has to take it back. Home in a car so it is six feet tall. Three feet wide and 10 inches deep it. Supports six different shelves the. Bottom one is about fourteen and a half. Inches tall instead of ten just had the. Extra space put some simple trim around. All four pieces capped it off it's held. Together just with screws that have been. Countersunk we'll talk about that a. Little bit later but it's it's a nice. Thing you could use this basic principle. With nice wood instead of plywood you. Know what to build yourself a nice. Bookshelf or anything else so here's how. I did it. Well i was able to get everything out of. Two sheets of plywood if it were just a. Little bit smaller i could have gotten. It out of one but that's neither here. Nor there i don't often work with. Plywood this was new for me but given. What this shelf is going to be used for. It seemed to be the perfect material as. Projects so often start with me this. Shelf started off with a little bit of a. Sketch and a couple rough measurements. On a piece of paper once i got this. Plywood down the hardest part is moving. It around within the confines of my shop. So i got out my handheld circular saw. Which i rarely get to use it's kind of a. Nice treat anyways i just scored out a. Couple lines and this cuts relatively. Straight and later on i'm going to even. These out on the table saw. So here i am making those lines nice and. Straight the table saw cleaning things. Up so to speak i wanted to get all the. Cuts for the two side walls all the. Vertical trim the horizontal trim and. Then the six shelves plus the top taken. Care of and once those were all cut i. Was able to switch off the blade i. Thought it was easiest to put in a dado. Stack because i'm going to make some. Grooves for these shelves to sit in i. Figured that was the easiest thing to do. And dado is are a great way to get that. Perfect fit for the shelves anybody. Watching in a country that doesn't allow. Dado stacks being sold i'm sorry they. Are so nice to use one of the side. Effects of course i've taken off that. Much wood though is all the sawdust that. It produces and i don't have dust. Collection in my shop so my desk. Collection is myself with a broom but. That's okay it's kind of fun i feel like. Carol burnett. With the pieces cut and the floor clean. It was time to assemble. I took the shelves one by one and i kind. Of mounted them into place they were off. Snug fit which is exactly what i wanted. Eventually i would label these so each. Shelf you know a on the left. Corresponding to a on the sidewall so. That it can be assembled well later and. As i'm putting this together it's. Important to note that the shelves are. Flush with the front that's just the way. That i designed it as my sister-in-law. Finished this it finishes this a little. Bit later i know she has the option of. Putting edge banding on there if she. Wants to clean up the front of the. Plywood but i know she's going to paint. It so that may not be necessary. Well there's quite a lot that i like. About this shelf it was interesting to. Work with plywood something that i. Normally don't do i don't have i mean i. Have a good space in my basement but it. Feels so clunky that i just tended not. To use it um one of the features of. Building a shelf out of plywood are one. Of the struggles that i had was that the. Wood tended to bow so originally i. Thought this was going to wear together. Much more straight and i could use. Doubles to pin it in but i realized i. Had to use some metal fasteners and said. To actually pull the wood together yeah. Anyways it turned out just fine my. Sister-in-law kathleen is going to take. This and she's going to paint it give it. A couple coats of white which is why i'm. Not finishing it or doing anything. Except you know using over the edges. Here i'm going to disassemble this next. Which is really really weird to assemble. Something and then right away take it. Apart but she's going to be traveling. From oshkosh to the ann arbor area in. Michigan and we have to fit this inside. Of a car so we gotta do what we got to. Do she will reassemble it when she gets. Home put her back on it and then paint i. Think she's going to when she puts the. Screws in i had them nicely countersunk. So she can take wood putty putty over it. Wait a days--and that smooth and then. When she paints it she'll. You'll never be able to tell same with. Some of the cracks like on this second. Shelf down you might see there's two. Long deep cracks just flaws in the wood. I told her to putty it in sanded smooth. And it should be fine she's going to be. Using these for storing patterns for. Sewing and in time the bowing that. You're seeing they need to the shelves i. Put the bow going up like this so that. As pressure is put on it. Then i'll level out the glories of. Working with arches anyways i think it. Looks good and now it's time to take it. Apart. Tada there's everything disassembled and. Ready to go into a car all together it's. One two three four or five six seven. Eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen. Lucky thirteen pieces so have you ever. Built anything like this for a friend. That you had to assemble and then. Disassemble your thoughts on this. Project be sure to like and comment. Below if you're new to the channel be. Sure and subscribe love to have you on. Board and in probably a couple weeks i. Will follow up with a vlog once kathleen. Sends me some pictures of this all. Painted and assembled thanks for. Watching.

You get three shelves total for your most organized storage shelf yet.

The whole process will take several hours to complete and you will have a beautiful garage shelve to store your tools and stuff. Quick and ez storage solution. Add some plywood and your 2 4 shelves get extra sturdy. Use angle cut 2x4s as a base and reclaimed wood boards above for diy garage shelves.

This page has many info about building shelves with 2x4 and plywood.

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