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Build Your Own Wall Mounted Desk

 Build Your Own Wall Mounted Desk. To attach the timber onto the wall we got 3 white floating desk brackets called flexi storage that cost about 4 60 each. Wood pieces 2 pieces of 24 inches 2 pieces of 23 inches rotator saw machine.

What's happening you guys evan. Techsource welcome to setup warriors. Episode 218. Ultimate edition we're gonna take a look. At some of the best setups that get. Submitted on the show. And if you think your setup is worthy to. Be in this category then by all means. I dare you to participate i'll drop a. Link to a video down below that will. Guide you. On what you need to do to get on the. Show but yeah with that said sit back. And relax. Grab your popcorn or biscuits because. It's time for setup wars. [Music]. So. If you're a content creator like myself. Then you're gonna love today's sponsor. Storyblocks. You know creating videos can be. Challenging sometimes i need a specific. Scene for a video but i just don't have. The resources or. Time to go out there and shoot but with.

Storyblocks i'm able to find that. Perfect content. With a click of a button my personal. Favorites are the abstract backgrounds. Which i like to use to add a bit of. Dynamic to my videos i'm sure you guys. Have seen this in past videos. Specifically where i tend to write text. On the screen it's a great way to grab. The audience's attention they have a ton. Of awesome footage like this that can. Improve your videos. But they also have the largest offering. With an ever growing library of over a. Million high quality stock assets. Which are all royalty free so you can. Use your downloaded content anywhere. For commercial and personal use they. Offer an unlimited all-access. Subscription plan that gives you. Unlimited downloads of everything in. Their library. If you're a content creator you have to. Try them out visit or. Click the link. Down below kicking off the episode is. Lorenz from the philippines and his. Custom-made. Ultra wide setup he built a custom desk. With chrome accents and mounted that to. The wall. The result is this awesome floating desk. Which looks really cool. It's also interesting the way he mounted. The desk so in addition to mounting it. To the wall.

He also attached a chrome beam that's. Attached to both the ceiling. And the left side of the desk along with. One more support on the bottom. I don't know what it is with a concrete. Texture on the countertop but it looks. Really good. And works well with the industrial vibe. Of the entire room. You know it's refreshing to see custom. Made desks like this on the show instead. Of the usual. Ikea linen table tops lorenz uses the. Setup for purely gaming and he slaps. Kids around on that 34-inch asus ultra. Ride. That he mounted to the wall right beside. It excellent choice mounting it on the. Wall which also gives the monitor a. Floating look. To complement the desk i could imagine. Drilling a hole in a concrete table. Wouldn't be. Easy so lorenz made the smart choice of. Going wireless for both the keyboard and. Mouse. And it appears he also has a backup asus. Patha as well. For audio lauren's usually the. Sennheiser gsp 600s for mostly. Everything. However he does own a pair of sony sa. Speakers that seem to. Not exist in some of the pictures he. Sent me like. What happened here exactly did you. Decide mid-submission that the speakers. Don't look good in your setup and you. Took them down. One minor thing that stood out to me was. The power strip cable you have coming. Out of the bottom of the desk. I think you did a fine job with. Everything else especially sleeving the. Monitor cable near the back. But that one cable is sticking out like. A sore thumb. I feel like this could have been easily. Avoided by going with a black power. Strip instead. And running the cable against the wall. By using cable clips instead of leaving. It hanging like that. I only mention this because i feel like. You spend so much time building that. Awesome custom desk of yours. That a tiny little oversight like this. Feels unusual. Also there are a few things on the desk. That are randomly placed like the switch. Controllers and some of the watches that. Don't really contribute anything to this. Setup. I think it will look more organized if. You place them side by side alongside. The top of the setup. Next to the other controllers you have. Moving on to the monolith of a gaming pc. That powers this setup take a look at. That thing. It's equipped with the 8700k 32 gigs of. Ram and the asu strix. 1070 overclock edition an absolute. Monster. Of a tower you got there and i'm loving.

That custom backplate and psu shroud. That you built for the case. But what i love most about this setup is. The lighting i think the setup looks. Absolutely jaw-dropping at night with. That purple lighting. And the fact that you tied it in so well. With that gengar evolution art on the. Wall. Was the icing on the cake for me this. Setup is so different on many different. Levels the location of the setup. The style and the theme overall but you. Know there were a few things that were. Overlooked. That really hindered the setup's full. Potential but either way it's a kick-ass. Setup thank you lauren for sharing this. With us. I was going to make a mario joke for. This submission but i'm sure it's. Overused at this point. Coming at number two is luigi from. Belgium and his epic gaming and. Entertainment setup. Fun fact this is actually his very first. Gaming setup that he built. I just have to start off and say that. The presentation is just. So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes. Luigi built this setup on top of the car. Blue countertop with. Two white alex units which gives the.

Setup a really nice contrast. He even kept that contrast consistent by. Adding a brick themed wallpaper on the. Left. And installing white wall shelves on it. In fact that wallpaper isn't. Actual wallpaper he used a few different. Sized wood materials to give it a 3d. Effect. He definitely knows what he's doing the. Setup is rocking two displays we got an. Ultrawide as the main display and a. 55-inch 4k tv. Up top and i love how he used a single. Raceway to hide both the tv. And monitor cables going down the wall. For peripherals luigi is using the k70. Keyboard and a razer basilisk mouse. However i think the white version of. That mouse. Would have looked better in your setup. Even though it is wired. You could have easily hit that cable. Along with your mouse pad. And speaking of which personally i think. This mousepad would look better in the. Setup as it will contribute to the color. Scheme. And complement the keyboard at the same. Time but i'ma guess you went with. Corsair so that you can control the. Lighting conveniently with the iq. Software again this is all just personal. Preference. Staying consistent with the theme of the. Setup we have both audio engine a2 plus. Speakers in white. And his arctis wireless headset sitting. On the razer chroma stand. I love that he added a gundam suit. Figurine on the left side to occupy that. Empty space while balancing it. With his custom pc on the opposite side. We got the ryzen 5 3600 in here paired. With the auras rtx. 2070 super it's such a clean build.

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There is really no right or wrong way to do it. Check them out below. Orange22 botanist floating wall desk the arching desktop acts as a shelter for a full sliding workstation and its curved design resembles the hood of a classic car.

Check them out below.

A wall mounted desk with extra workspace idea. The wood cost us about 120. To attach the timber onto the wall we got 3 white floating desk brackets called flexi storage that cost about 4 60 each. Whether it s just a place to keep the family computer or even a quick homework spot for your teen these 18 diy wall mounted desks are the perfect space saving solution.

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