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Build Your Own Table

 Build Your Own Table. You have no item s in your cart. Add in two of the five foot piece to form a rectangle. Have you ever needed to make a hearth. Maybe a countertop. Maybe you wanted to renew a desk a. Shower a tabletop or. Something else in this video we're going. To show you how we did a hearth. In a day this was super easy to do we're. Going to do. An exotic pour that matches the entire. House i'm going to teach you step by. Step. How to do a slate horizontal rock face i. Love the low sheen that we did at the. End. Stay tuned enjoy the video. Hey everybody the engines are running. Hot and it's full steam ahead to that. Goal of a million subscribers. You can help us out by hitting that. Subscribe button and ringing the bell so. You get notified every time we have a. New video.

You can probably say it with me by now. Have you guys seen our countertop videos. This is a very similar process all we're. Going to do is double up that mdf i'm. Not going to do a drop edge like i do in. Some of my videos. I need meat i need strength we also left. That edge a little bit staggered. Because i did this horizontal rock face. How do you do a horizontal slate rock. Face. You use your palm and a gloved hand and. A little bit of that bondo. You simply follow that edge you're gonna. Get that nice and. Smeared out horizontally and then as. That bondo sets up. Pro tip come back and just wipe that. Very lightly. The more that you wipe it the later in. The setup time the more texture you're. Going to create now remember come back. And sand that nice and smooth to the. Touch. So you get that real organic smooth feel. So nothing chips out. Or gets sharp that's a pro tip and. That's how you go from weekend warrior. To pro okay we've doubled up the mdf so.

We have a nice thick substrate we added. Bondo to the edge to create that slate. Look. Now it's time for the white epoxy. Undercoat. This is going to seal that mdf and also. Give us a color. So that we get a fantastic look i got. Paul ricaldi from paul's toolbox. And rk3 designs kenny and my good buddy. Brandon all helping on this project. This was a passion project for a house. For my mom and dad. So they could stay warm and cozy with. Their new hearth. After the undercoat we added a little. Bit of spray paint as the undercoat was. Wet this also embedded that color we. Were just playing with the technique. And it worked out really well i loved. Doing that because it embedded a little. Color. In those cracks and crevices of the. Bondo. I love working on projects with my. Buddies and i really want to thank. Paul and kenny and brandon for helping. Me out on this project. When we did the recipe on this hearth it. Was simple we already had the recipe. Because we did the countertops. The shower the end tables and many. Different elements. In the same recipe so we got we got. Diamond dust. White silver black dye white dye antique. Brass. Black and white that's what we did on. The whole house we did all of this in an. Exotic pour. That means we mix the clear epoxy we. Transfer that into their own. Receptacles we added the colorants the. Dyes the spray paint. The metallic powders and then we put. Them all back into the same bucket.

And we made that exotic look you see. High-end stone. Is more expensive the more exotic it is. That looks really cool and it's. Different minerals. That are forced together and that's what. We mimicked in this pour. What do you think i love this recipe i'm. Just curious at what colors you would. Have added to it. If it was going in your own home i love. That each of the pieces that we created. Got a mind of their own they really. Moved and melded according to gravity. And how we poured those colors. Back in the bucket it was like opening a. Christmas present. Every time we did a new piece after we. Pour the top we remove the tape. So that it will flow over the edge and. Because i did that slate. Horizontal edge i'll use horizontal hand. Strokes to promote that look. Have you seen our rock video where we. Actually made rocks. To make this log home look legit. We molded actual river rocks so that we. Saved the riverbed and we made our own. Rocks we also saved. Thousands by making our own cultured. Stone it came out fantastic we made a. Mold. And we mimicked this mold hundreds of. Times to make enough. Rock for this entire foundation it came. Out. Beautiful it started out as cinder block. And with a little elbow grease and time. We made this thing look like an amazing. Log home we also did the exact same. Thing. Behind the hearth where we made our own. Rocks. Travel up that wall and look like the. Chimney. Was there for a hundred years stone coat. Doesn't just teach countertops we teach. Remodeling on a dime you cannot make. This. Look for the amount of money that we did. Without the knowledge. Of how to mimic mother nature and make. Your hearth look like an actual. Showpiece in the description we'll link. That video on how to make your own river. Rocks from scratch. Go check it out all right it's time for. The next step where we're going to do. The ultimate top coat and dress up these. Edges. Okay what i'm doing right now is just. Masking off the top because i'm going to. Add a little bit of spray paint. Horizontally to these edges because some. Of the drips came down. Vertically and i wanted to promote this. Horizontal look i wanted it to look like. Slate and i want to know does that look. Real to you guys do you like the way. That we did that by. Spraying a little bit of spray paint in. Our hand and wiping it on before. We apply that ultimate top coat i'm also. Going through here and just sanding. Some of those high points so you see. That roughness comes through that.

Organic look okay i'm using my two. Roller technique. To apply the ultimate top coat first i'm. Going to remove. Any lint then i'm going to add the top. Coat by a two to one ratio. First i'll apply it wet then i'll come. Back with the dry roller and back roll. Did you know stone coat epoxy is tough. Stuff. It's heat resistant scratch resistant uv. Resistant. You can do many different sheen levels. From high shine. To that low sheen i love that look and. It looks. Just like natural stone all you need is. One coat of that ultimate top coat to. Give you that natural looking finish. That extra added scratch resistance and. Then it was time to take it to the job. Site. We set it in place right up to that. River rock that we created. And this wood stove was no match for the. Durability. Of our hearth we love how it looked and. It absolutely matched. Everything that we created in this house. What do you guys think. How much do you love that hearth give us. A thumbs up. These rocks ended up making the entire. Veneer on that house. It saved a lot of time a lot of money. And a lot of rocks go ahead and check. Out that video to see how it was done. Step by step. Stoneco countertops you got this.

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