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Build Your Own Planter

 Build Your Own Planter. Butt one end of each length up to the next with the drilled holes on the side. How to make a wooden planter drilling holes at the end of each end of the wood step 2 lay out two 100cm 60cm and 40cm lengths to form the frame.

Tall tapered planners like these can be. So expensive if you want to build them. Yourself they look intimidating right. Well in this video I'm going to make it. Easy and cost-effective to build this. Planner I'm using cedar fence pickets. Some 1 by 2 and 1 by 3 furring strips. Using a speed square tape measure safety. Glasses a circular saw and an 18 gauge. Brad nailer I'll also use a drill later. On in the project. All right so I've decided to try a. Little bit different way of building. This tapered planner just because there. Is a lot of cuts and there's a lot of. Cuts at an angle so what if you don't. Have a miter saw and you know it gets. Really time-consuming to make all these. Little tiny cuts so I thought what if I. Lay out all of the cedar fence pickets. And you can go as many or as few as you. Want and then I just cut four one by. Twos to the width of all the fence. Pickets so I'm right at 22 inches and. Then I took my speed square and marked a. Five degree angle on top of the cedar. Fence pickets. I'm just gonna lay out the first 1x2 on. Top of the cedar fence pickets this is. Kind of like quilting where you'll cut. You know so fabric together and then cut. It all at the same time so you're not.

Making a zillion little tiny cuts you're. Attaching the fabric together first and. Then cutting them all at once so it. Reduces the number of cuts and it also. Gets you a more accurate cut it's you. Know when you work at an angle it's. Really hard to get exact cuts from a. Long point to a short point if that. Makes sense. So I'm just nailing the 1 by 2's to the. Top of the fence pickets with one-inch. Brad nails and I'm you want to make sure. You're not going too long with your. Nails so they go through your cedar. Fence pickets so what I'm gonna do here. Is make the next side and don't worry. About writing all this down I have the. Free project plans that have the exact. Pattern of where you need to nail every. Board and how far the spacing should be. And all that so just enjoy and watch and. If you want a builder you can head on. Over there and download those plans and. This will all make sense so no need to. Take notes ok so you can see here I've. Got two sides already created and then. Two additional sites that aren't. Attached to one by twos that will attach. Later steps and then I thought you know. What let me go ahead while all these. Boards are attached together and cut. That angle at the on the end at a 5. Degree as well I'm just gonna go ahead. And mark it that's the 5 degree and you. Don't have to use a 5 degree but I. Wouldn't recommend anything more so you. Could use a smaller taper like a 2 or a. 3 degree but anything more than a 5. Degree that the taper is gonna be pretty. Heavy okay so it's really easy to cut. All these boards when you can just clamp. One down and cut them instead of having. A clamp multiple so I'm gonna go ahead. And take care of cutting that end off. And getting that 5 degree cut on that. Entire end is it all making sense what. I'm doing now alright so these will be. The three pieces that all attach them. Later steps. And I'm you just follow the 1x2 don't. Cut into it just cut right alongside of. It. There they are all cut so I'm gonna say.

If you aren't experienced with the. Circular saw this is probably not the. First project that you want to try. Because you do need to run that saw. Blade right next to that one by two it's. Not hard to do but definitely it takes a. Little bit of practice to get it just. Right and you can see I use that 1 by 3. To support the other end of my circular. Saw foot just so that I can hold that. Circular saw exactly level as I'm. Cutting all right so I'm going to trim. Off that end while I still got a lot of. Material to work with and it's easy to. Clamp to my table so all those little. Pieces falling to the ground are just. Gonna be scraps. Alright last cut in this one so I had. Been kind of dreading building these. Tapered planners because it's thinking. Of all these cuts and it's going to be. Time-consuming and are all the angles. Going to match up but seriously I'm into. This project about 10 15 minutes at this. Point. And that's all the scraps that are left. Over all right so assembly time so I. Wanted to have like the framed corners. On the outside of the cedar fence. Pickets just so it gives the planner. Kind of more of a finished look so I am. Adding some one by threes to those one. By twos this is gonna serve as really. The structure for this project so I'm. Using glue and I think I put an inch and. A quarter nails there so this is not. Hard and then I'm just lining my 1 by 3. Up with my 1 by 2 so you may be thinking. You know why would planners why not just. Buy a plastic planter and there was. There's quite a few reasons one these. Are really inexpensive so depending on. How cheap you can get your cedar fence. Pickets the planners can range from. Anywhere from like 10 to 15 dollars to. 20 to 30 dollars so very inexpensive. Especially if you're making a lot of. Them and you know if you're trying to. Add that rustic wood grain to the. Exterior of your home this is a great. Way of doing it you're using real wood. And it's just going to add a texture. That you can't get with plastic um the. Other thing is with plastic it's not. Biodegradable so if in 5-10 years you're. Like I'd like to you know change up the. Look of the front of my house the. Plastic container is not biodegradable. So it's gonna live indefinitely in a. Landfill whereas the cedar is not only. Is it biodegradable but it's renewable.

So this is just such a better choice and. It's expensive you don't have to it's. Not gonna be very painful if in 10 years. You decide you want something different. So that's why I love wood you know it's. It's just a better more responsible. Choice for home projects especially if. You're like me and you're always. Updating and changing your mind okay so. If did that make sense what I'm doing. Here I just took those boards that I'd. Cut off and. Just started laying them inside the. Planter and nailing them down with nails. You can see I'm at a little bit of an. Angle that's to provide a little bit of. A strength and also because I got lazy. And kept the inch and a quarter nails in. And if I went into angle it makes the. What a little bit longer so my nail. Doesn't come through the end okay so I. Mean that is it I think it just turned. Out beautiful I was really like in shock. Here so I loved it so much I wanted to. Add a little bit more strength to it so. I have some inch and a quarter screws.

And the structure is really in those. Corners so I'm just adding a couple. Screws to the top and the bottom row of. The cedar fence pickets to give it some. More rigidness isn't that pretty if I. Will say the corners at the top and the. Bottom are not going to be perfect on. These guys the only way you're gonna get. That is if you do like a double bevel on. The corners but I didn't think it was. Necessary because my plants are gonna. Cover that whole top so I felt like this. Was just fine I just wanted to make. Those wood grain pop just to give you. That benefit of it not being plastic so. I'm using this clear cedar finish it. Does have a slight tint to it I think it. Is just really a pretty classic light. Wood look. The taper planters are all done and I. Put the stain on them and they look. Really fantastic but now what so you. Could put just a plastic pot in there. And grow a plant in there the other. Thing you could do is just put. Landscaping fabric and throw soil in. There but that's a lot of wasted soil if. This it's not on a deck say it's just. Out in your landscaping what you could. Do is fill the bottom with like large. Rocks something to keep it in place then. Put landscaping fabric down and then. Fill it with soil so you're not filling. The entire thing with soil and you know. Spending a lot of money on soil but what. If you wanted on your deck and you don't. Have a potted plant so I want to show. You how to kind of put a false bottom in. Here just feeding it some scrap wood. That I have nothing fancy is needed here. So just kind of figure out how deep you. Want that soil to go down so you know. Different types of plants will need more. Or less soil and then just take a.

How To Build An Upcycled Planter Box
How To Build An Upcycled Planter Box from

How to make a wooden planter drilling holes at the end of each end of the wood step 2 lay out two 100cm 60cm and 40cm lengths to form the frame. You can make your own planters from wood upcycled materials spray paint your old planters craft a planter out of a trash can build a raised flower bed or vegetable planter just to name a few ideas. Planters can get expensive so if you can save a little cash by making your own why not.

Build a basic box structure from cedar planks then cut a scalloped base to elevate your creation.

Then use a drill and galvanized screws to attach the ends of the planks so they form a long rectangular box. Embellish the top with wood trim paint the piece then fit it with a trellis made from inch wide boards. Once the concrete dries you can remove the mold to reveal your planter. You ll need to cut out holes with a jigsaw and attach the outdoor planter boxes to the house with some screws.

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