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Build Your Own Patio Furniture

 Build Your Own Patio Furniture. However the wood will show age if you don t use a finish to preserve it s color. To do so you ll need to make an opening in the longer wooden board.

In this video I'm gonna make a modern. Outdoor chair made from 4x4 Douglas fir. This video is sponsored by Dollar Shave. Club now recently I went to my local. Home Center and I couldn't believe it I. Saw four by fours there that was not. Pressure-treated the thing is my local. Home Center carry limited supplies and I. Don't have a lumberyard near me. So I was surprised to see these in a. Store for the first time now with the. Lumber being so bulky it's much easier. To use a miter saw and if you don't have. One you can more than likely rent one or. You can just use a circular saw now. These are all the pieces for the. Structure of the chair nine pieces for. The seat and the arm of the chair we. Have additional three pieces for the. Width of the chair four pieces for the. Legs and two pieces to support the seat. Recently I added a new tool to my shop. Which is an 8 inch jointer from cut tip. Now I've been wanting to join it for. Very long time and I don't want to. Discourage you you do not need this for. This project I'm mainly trying to speed. Up my workflow now the main advantage. I'm seeking from this is being able to. Take off some of the layers so I don't. Have to spend a ton of time sanding and. You can see here one side versus this. Side that's a little more smoother I was. Actually in the market looking for a. Different brand of a jointer and I was. Reading the reviews and they were. Mentioned in this one which I was. Unaware with the brand but if you guys. Want to check that out I'll link this. Down in the video description now since. I know the direction I'm going I'm gonna. Do all my prep work first before I start. The assembly I'm gonna take three pieces. Of the lumber for the chair seat and I'm. Gonna cut a rabbet on both ends and. While I have the table saw setup I'm. Going to cut all the pieces at one time. Now after making the first pass I'm. Going to set my table saw up again to. Make the second pass. Now you can run test cuts on scrap. Pieces of wood just to make sure you get. This right it's an outdoor chair so it. Doesn't have to be perfect now there's. Many ways to do this you don't have to. Use a table saw so I'm also going to. Show you another method to accomplish. The same thing I'm using this thinner. Piece of wood as a guide because this is. What the four by fours would rest on now. After tracing out that piece of lumber. Onto the 4x4 then I'm gonna take a. Reciprocating saw and then cut this. Section out now you have a total of. Three lumbers to cut this way so a total. Of six of these one on each side you can. Also use a circular saw or a handsaw and. Right now we're still prepping the seat. So we have two more pieces to address. And these are gonna be the outside of. The seat later on in the video you'll. See where I'm going it with this but for. Right now we need to cut this out I also. Want to make sure to mark these two. Pieces together so I don't run into any. Mistakes now this will also be. Duplicated on both ends now you can use. A handsaw and a chisel to cut this out. But I'm gonna cheat a little bit by. Using a multi-tool. And with all four pieces being cut out. I can now test the pieces and make sure. Everything looks good and now all the. Prep work is done I'm gonna start by. Setting up the arms of the chair I'm. Going to put glue at every joint in this. Chair and this would not only make the. Chair super strong but also you don't. Have to worry about any squeaks a few. Years from now depending on the wood. Glue you're using you really need to. Apply the glue and apply clamp right. Away you don't have a ton of weight time. And one thing to keep in mind if you. Don't have large clamps you can use. Ratchet straps to bolt this together I'm. Gonna use five inch lag screws I'm only. Gonna use one per joint which also makes. A great reason to use the wood glue the. Next thing I did was found a very center. Of dislocation then I took a 7/8 bit and. Drill a hole approximately one and a. Half inches deep next take a small bit. And drill in the center of that hole. Into the next lumber behind it now drive. The lag screw from one lumber into the. Next one now repeat this going around. The entire army you should have four. Bolts per arm now just repeat the same. Thing for the other arm so now I'm gonna. Set up the two arms so that we can. Attach the back and also the bottom for. The seat in order to keep the seat the. Same height at the front and also at the. Back I'm going to use some scrap pieces. Of wood. Now with these pieces clamped in place I. Can now add wood glue and then clamp the. Structure together. Now take the same pieces of scrap wood. And we're gonna put nose on the front. Leg so that I can set the front part of. The seat in place. I'm also going to use the same method I. Used to assemble the arm to now attach. The arms to the back to hide all the lag. Screws I'm going to use wooden dowels to. Plug all the holes then use a flush cut. Saw to cut down the dowels and I'm going. To repeat this step for all the other. Joints that needs to be attached. Now early on in the video I mentioned. That this piece would make more sense. Later on in the video now these two. Phases on the 4x4 would be facing out. And also up and this is gonna also hide. All of the connection within the seat so.

At this point I'm not gonna glue these. Pieces into place I'm just gonna sit. Them there for now so I can then take. That support piece and place that under. The bottom and this piece will be glued. And also screwed into the back of the. Chair now these pieces of lumber will be. Spaced out within the opening of the. Chair right now and I'm going to take. Some scrap pieces of wood to keep the. Same consistent spacing between each one. Of them. Now from the bottom of the chair I'm. Gonna drill out a few holes so that I. Can attach two screws per board. Now I'm gonna jump back to the outer. Ends of the seat I'm gonna glue those up. And also screw those into place and now. We're on to the next step and I'm gonna. Sand it down and clean it up the best I. Can and while I'm doing that here's the. Quick word from today's sponsor I like. To consider myself simple and I don't. Like option just too much to think about. Why is this so expensive what am I. Missing. What am I not getting personally I. Really don't like the store experience.

Especially if I'm looking for a simple. Razor and that's where a Dollar Shave. Club comes in and for a limited the time. BSC is giving away their shower. Shave start a kit to new members for. Five dollars which includes their. Executive razor that has a premium way. To handle a full cast set of cartridges. And three trial size of their most. Popular product the shave butter body. Wash and one Charlie wipe and after the. First box replacement cartridges are. Sent out to you for just a few bucks a. Month this offer is exclusively. Available at slash. DIY creators now with all the sanding. Behind me I'm now gonna put on a layer. Of wood conditioner and this is gonna. Also help me reduce blotchiness on the. Final product now after the conditioner. Has dried I have a few hours to put on. The stain now I'm not a hundred percent. Sold on the color so I'm gonna sit on it. For a little while and then decide if. I'm going to keep this color or darken. It up the minute I make that decision I. Then be able to put on the final coat. Which is a couple layers of polyurethane. So here's the finished product at one. Point I thought the chair was a bit low.

But overall I am happy with it one thing. You could change if you're planning to. Make this you could make the back a. Little higher just by making the legs a. Bit taller. Be sure to check the video description. For the dimension of the chairs and. Other details now my long-term plan is. To make my own cushions but for this. Video I went to my local home center and. Found some cushions. So hopefully cushions are not that hard. To make because it is something I want. To explore in the near future so here's. Some additional footage of the chair and. Until then be sure to LIKE comment and. Subscribe and I will see you guys on the. Next video. You.

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