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Build Your Own Outdoor Sectional

 Build Your Own Outdoor Sectional. Turn your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat this summer. Whether you ve got your eye on a certain style or you re still exploring possibilities sofas and sectionals has the large catalog that can accommodate whatever you need.

Hey Remodelaholics, welcome back to our DIY Channel. Today we have an exciting event happening on our blog.. About 4 times a year we have what we call a theme week, and in that week we share a months work of projects in one week.. And this weeks theme is plywood. #plywoodpretty. So if you have any plywood projects that yo want to share. Make sure you use the hashtag and we will be looking for it on social media.. But also we are partnering up with a ton of bloggers to create the best plywood playlist. Say that ten times fast.. Here on our channel. So first check out our sectional sofa that you are watching right now.. And then be sure to checkout our playlist to watch the rest.. Thanks for watching guys. I hope that next time we have a theme week that you will join us.. We will do a call out and share your projects in a playlist on our channel.. Thanks guys see you later..

Hey remodelaholics as part of our plywood. Week, today I want to show you how to make. A plywood sofa sectional. Be sure to check. Out all the plywood projects on our playlist.. So we designed this sofa for our deck. A couple. Things we considered when designing it was. We wanted an l-shaped sofa and a place to. Store our cushions during a storm to keep. Them dryer.. Each section of the sofa will be made out. Of two sheets of three-quarter inch birch. Plywood.. To start off I used my circular saw to cut. Out the main pieces down, so that they're. Easier to manage for the the final cuts on. The table saw.. First let’s build the base frame of the. Plywood sofa sectional. First cut the plywood. To length and width. Then mark out where you. Will cut out the notch for a support beam,. With a jig saw. The notch will be on the top. Center of the sides. After the notch is cut. Out drill all the pocket holes. There will. Be pocket holes along the top, around the. Support beam and down the back side. Don’t. Worry all those holes will be covered up with. The side pieces in the end.. Once the sides are done, cut out the back. Frame and drill in the pocket holes along. The top and along each end.. Now it’s time to build the support beam.. Rip the redwood 2x4 down and then attach another. Piece of plywood to it, to make extra strong..

Glue the plywood to the redwood and screw. It together with wood screws. Next drill in. Pocket holes to one side of the beam.. Cut the middle support block to length and. Attach it to the middle of the beam with glue. And pocket screws.. Now it’s time to assemble the frame.. Screw the sides on to the back. Make sure. The keep all the pocket holes on the outside. Of the frame. Now install the beam. Attach. The middle support to the back with wood screws. Through the back.. To make this easier, set this part up on a. Sawhorse and not the frame. Set up the seat. Piece on two or three sawhorses with the good. Side down. Glue and screw the 2nd piece of. The seat together. Now turn the base upside. Down on top of the seat, and glue and screw. The frame to the seat through the pocket holes. On the beam, sides and back.. Next attach the back. Lay the back down and. Lign up the frame leaving ¾” on each side. Of the frame.. Glue it in place and hold with. Clamps while screwing it together through. All the pocket holes on the sides. You can. Also screw it together up high under the seat.

Where the screws will be hidden.. Now glue on the side pieces. Add any other. Screws under the frame where they can be hidden.. You can start with the left side then finish. Up on the right with the last two pieces.. While the sides are drying, attach some additional. Blocking and add the ¼” cover underneath. The bench with wood screws. This will help. Keep out any unwanted pests, like hornets. Or wasps from hiding behind the beam, but. This optional.. With everything in place now it’s time to. Fill in any holes with Elmer’s Pro Bond. Stainable Wood Filler, let that dry then sand. Everything smooth. Stain and finish as desired.. There you have it! Your very own plywood sofa. Sectional. Now you can just lay back and enjoy. Your handywork. We are really loving our!. Be sure to like and subscribe. I’m going. Outside to take a nap!.

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Outdoor Sectional Outdoor Furniture Plans Diy Patio Furniture Pallet Furniture Outdoor from

No spacers needed just line the slats up with the side slats glue and nail in to place. Adapt a sectional design to meet your needs or desires. Create a custom sectional that fits your space.

Here are 5 diy outdoor sofa ideas you can customize to fit your deck or patio.

Here are 5 diy outdoor sofa ideas you can customize to fit your deck or patio. When you build the couch out of wood you want to place the back at a 22 5 degree angle as this adds more comfort to your couch. Wipe project clean with damp cloth. In addition to providing a place for your friends and family to relax in style building a sectional ties the room together.

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