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Build Your Own Furniture Plans

 Build Your Own Furniture Plans. 28 2020 build your own furniture free plans. Search faster better smarter here.

Build Your Own Couch With Wooden Material Build Your Own Couch Diy Couch Diy Sofa
Build Your Own Couch With Wooden Material Build Your Own Couch Diy Couch Diy Sofa from

Table saw outfeed table plans searches related to build your own furniture free plans woodturning ideas. Search faster better smarter here. They have hundreds of free furniture plans with tutorial videos and trade secrets to make your next diy furniture idea a complete success.

Get started on your next project today.

Let's go say good morning to my chickens. They can hear me take your ice out here. Morning Carol I brought them some. Cucumber they love cucumber. No like in their eggs yes this morning. Oh here it is hiding under yeah. Do you hate it girls let's go back and. Give you more water yeah I need my. Coffee now that they're taking care of. It's Coffee time for me. So today I'm gonna steal Jeremy's. Joke-telling and I got a joke for you. Last night I dreamt I was forced to eat. A giant marshmallow when I woke up my. Pillow was gone you're welcome okay. Moving on we got something in the mail. Here this is from from Darrell and as. You know we've been making maple syrup. Lately right and I've been just kind of. Guessing on the finish of it well. Darrell sent us a food thermometer. Waterproof food thermometer it's a. Little reagan on it so you can stick. Dive in the water there the syrup sap. Until it gets to the temperature goes up. To well over 500 Fahrenheit so we want. Around 2:19 so that's gonna be perfect. Digital thermometers pretty cool has a. Little light on it because I might be. Out there late at night too so that's. Pretty sweet pretty happy about that so. Thanks Darrell much appreciated and. It'll get good use because not only for. The syrup there's many times that comes. Up when we're cooking the turkey or. Something that we want to check the. Internal temperature of a turkey and we. Don't have anything and well now we do. So thanks okay now I'm gonna show you. What we're gonna get up to today it's. Pretty cool got some boards here so you. See what we got going on here we got 1.

By 8 they're called barn barn wood pine. Boards and what they either like the. Shiplap right so that overlaps this and. Then on each board and then 1 by 8 and. They're nice-looking pine right it's. Gonna look cool so where these are going. We're gonna put them on the cathedral. Now so we almost went with some other. Options they were like man this is our. Forever home so we want to put what we. Want on it. Right we want it to have definitely look. We have we don't want to go and put. Something on there and then a couple. Years down the road regret that we. Didn't put what we wanted on there right. So we're gonna throw those up and. Another thing we got which we're. Probably not gonna put up today we're. Going to show you anyway because now we. Have it is this here light so that there. Is gonna be the light in the kitchen you. Know we did the kitchen boards not long. Ago well this here lights gonna hang. From the kitchen and this is a DC light. But the two wires that I already have in. There to hook up to that and we're gonna. Hook that hook up a switch to it near. The front door so we can flick it there. And I'll run a fuse right before the. Battery to put that on there that's a 12. Volt DC light so that's gonna be awesome. Wait to put that up and see what it. Looks like probably tomorrow me will put. That up cuz I got to go to town and I'll. Probably pick up some wire and stuff. That I need before I can cook it up and. We actually ordered this light off of. Amazon and another thing about Amazon we. Just recently set up Amazon so we got a. Couple of links down below. There's one for AUSA and there's one for. Canada so if you shop on Amazon and you. Just shop on Amazon if you take those. Links that we have below and shop. Through those links. It'll kickback us a commission and. Support the channel with no extra cost. It doesn't won't add money to your item. Or anything it'll just give us a. Commission for sending nude Amazon to. Buy your stuff they're seeking support.

Mabel berry farm if I just buying what. You would buy anyway so the links are. Below and then you can if you want to do. That you can just save those links and. Shop for whatever you want through those. Links anytime you're on there so save it. To your favorites or something and super. Easy that way you could support us and. Get what you're buying anyway so thanks. In advance and well I'm gonna put this. Light away for now. Hey. Okay so these are eight-foot exactly two. Here right but to go this other side. Over here is a little bit shorter so. We're gonna do we're just going to bring. The eight footers to here and go right. Up just eight feet right on this line. And then we're gonna cut the other ones. Just a little bit so we match here we'll. Have hourly no waste at all you're gonna. Think it's gonna look weird with a seam. Right up here and it would if we didn't. Do it we're gonna do we're gonna do. Something so we're gonna put like a. False beam right up that seam so when. We're finished you won't see a seam. Going up here we're actually gonna put a. False being here and a false beam at. Like the two foot mark over here and. Over here so it'll like even at like. Every or four feet so to go like four. Feet falls being four feet being four. Feet beam right so you'll see this line. But keep in mind that line won't always. Be there. I do. So we're just gonna throw screws right. On the end here and then on the opposite. End that goes up the middle and this. Side here will be hidden with trim and. That side will be hidden with the false. Beam so you won't see the screws so. Again just screws on the ends of each. Board because they're a little bit. Heavier and then in the rest of the way. Will be the Brad nail so you don't. Really see them either. You may also be wondering why the screws. Are so long that we used it in the ends. The holder they're the reasons that is. Just because that just happens to be at. The screws we have a whole pile up so. Just use what we have right. Right you can see here what I'm going on. See this here maybe we'll do something. Like that. In the meantime until we get to those. Beams put this or maybe a little wider. Piece of pie we'll pick it up next time. We're in town. And that'll hide all where we're meeting. A seam was talking about that line even. A piece of this would look all right up. There for now. And then maybe down the road we'll build. Those beams talking though and we'll. Just do it on the seam maybe for now and. Not put it in the other spots and we'll. Do the beams later on in the whole spot. So your honor later later later on. So this year like not necessarily sure.

If we're gonna be using this year as a. Trim but either way once that goes up. There look they say it'll all cover that. We may end up using this kind of stuff. In just kind of boxed at this trim I. Like the look of it anyway it's like a. Rustic cabin you look great. And then easier if you didn't know this. Is just strapping it's actually pine. Flooring tongue and groove flooring it. We just throw up a strapping just for. The meantime just to make sure if any. Wind came through we didn't end up. Blowing our insulation down I stapled. This right to death anyway but just in. Case like it put the just in case I put. These on anyway yeah should look good. All right so we got this started at. Least today that's good yeah really. Really awesome let's go look so good. Yeah and well thanks good to Darrell we. Got we get some warmer weather coming by. The end of the week we actually have a. Snow storm coming I think I think. Tonight morning maybe for like two days. Yeah but we'll see right at least the. Weather will be warmer but after the. Storm yes we should be getting the nicer. Weather rate I think so I think the. Storms Tuesday Wednesday and then warm. Weather like Thursday Friday yeah and. Then by Friday I think we'll be able to. Check our SAP buckets and maybe get some. Maple syrup on the go for real we. Actually haven't still bringing a little. Bit in we've probably made like four or. Five pints by now maybe three maybe. Three yeah like three or four one of. Them was really sick the last and we. Bolted down even farther just to see. It's pretty much candy and I enjoy it. Greatly we're actually gonna try Kenny's. You have some sheeps that came with the. Evaporator we bought we've got all those. Buckets we also got some sheets to try. To make some case we are gonna try to. Make that - mm-hmm. Come on beak yeah. Alright we'll see you tomorrow yeah. You.

Make your life easier with these 50 smartly genius diy furniture projects that come with step by step plans as complete visual guides. 28 2020 build your own furniture free plans. They have hundreds of free furniture plans with tutorial videos and trade secrets to make your next diy furniture idea a complete success. Search faster better smarter here.

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