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Build Your Own Farmhouse Table

 Build Your Own Farmhouse Table. Though not a traditional farmhouse table it is beautiful in the outdoor living area making it ideal for guests. 17 rustic diy farmhouse table ideas to add the perfect accent to your home.

Diy Farmhouse Table Build Farmhouse Dining Room Table Diy Dining Room Table Farmhouse Dining Table
Diy Farmhouse Table Build Farmhouse Dining Room Table Diy Dining Room Table Farmhouse Dining Table from

We did notice some common and avoidable errors particularly regarding warping and cracking. Maybe you just take a special pride in making your own furniture. A farmhouse table is the perfect finishing piece for a rustic dining room.

Hey Stephanie I have another DIY project. To share with you guys but first I. Wanted to tell you about this fun game. That I like to play so I love going. Online and shopping for the most. Expensive piece of furniture that I can. Find and then try to DIY it so in this. Case I was looking for a pair of. Nightstands for our master bedroom and I. Found a nightstand that I absolutely. Fell in love with but it was over $1,000. Just for one night stand. So after drooling over it for a few. Minutes I snapped back into reality and. Decided to draw out the nightstand get a. List of materials and tools that I. Needed to make the project and I built. The knife dam myself for under $70 so. I'm sharing this project with you guys. Breaking it down step-by-step so that. You can build your own nightstand also. Step one cut materials the cut list that. I provided is for a 28 inch high by 28. Inch wide by 17 inch deep nightstand I. Went to Home Depot and had them cut all. Of the big lumber for me so that I could. Fit it into my SUV step 2. Drill pocket holes you only need to. Drill pocket holes in the middle shelf. As well as the two side supports like. This picture. Set your Kreg jig to three quarters of. An inch depth. Step 3 sand plywood sand all of your. Boards starting with a coarse grit. Sandpaper and moved to a fine grit until. Every piece is nice and smooth I find it. Easier to do all the sanding before all. The pieces are assembled. Step four assemble box assemble your box. Using the top bottom and side pieces use. One and a quarter inch pocket screws and. Your pre-drilled pocket holes to secure. These pieces together. Step 5. Paint I used a white paint and primer in. One from Bayer for the box as well as. The remaining pieces of plywood for the. Shelf and the door I also used white. Spray paint for the legs. Step 6. Apply trim apply three-quarter inch trim. To the entire front of the box I cut my. Trim at a 45 degree angle so the corners. Would meet perfectly attach the trim. Using wood glue and one and a half inch. Brad nails apply a piece of trim to your. Middle shelf piece as well you can paint. This white or leave it the same finish. As your other trim. Step 7 attach bracket and door to shelf. I purchased two brackets for the. Nightstand drawer but these pieces. Together tight lay down the bracket flat. Then screw in your bracket to the middle. Shelf and the back of the drawer face. Step 8 attach Hardware Center your. Hardware on the face of the drawer drill. Two holes and secure the hardware with. Screws. Step 9 insert shelf in box fold the. Drawer so it's up at a 90 degree angle. Like this picture dry fit the shelf. Piece in the box to double-check it fits. You want to leave about an 8 inch gap at. The top of your drawer so it opens and. Shuts easily the face of the drawer. Should be flush with the nightstand trim. Draw a line in the nightstand where the. Shelf should sit after you draw a line. On each side insert and screw in the. Middle shelf with the pre-drilled pocket. Holes and one and a quarter inch screws. To make this easier set the nightstand. On its side and then screw in one side. Of the shelf at a time. Step 10 attach legs flip the nightstand. Over and screw in the leg plates leave a. Quarter inch or so between the plate and. The front of the nightstand so you don't. See the brackets after the plates are. Secured twist in each of your legs. Step 11 wood filler and sand use wood. Filler to fill in any holes and gaps. Between the box and the trim as well as. Any gaps in the corner of your trim. Pieces after the wood filler is dry sand. Off the excess so it's nice and smooth. Step 12 stain trim. I used a natural stain for the trim and. Applied it with a very small sponge. Brush. Step thirteen apply poly apply a. Polyurethane to the trim and tabletop. This spray on call urethane works great. And has a crystal clear finish that. Won't yellow over time. You. 

We gathered 19 diy farmhouse table plans below many of them cost under 200 to build.

Though not a traditional farmhouse table it is beautiful in the outdoor living area making it ideal for guests. A farmhouse table is the perfect finishing piece for a rustic dining room. If you are in need of a big farmhouse table select this plan to build your own. Everything you see there is required to build the table and both benches.

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