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Build Your Own Dining Table

 Build Your Own Dining Table. This makes it possible to build a table large enough for your family. It s a hugely satisfying project that won t take you more than a.

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Top Furniture Brands Furnitureoutletstores Diy Dining Room Table Modern Dining Table Diy Dining Table from

Diy dining table dining tables can be very expensive especially if you have to seat a large number of people. After a visit to crate and barrel i made the decision to move forward with building a farmhouse dining room table. I painted the top and attached the legs but it wasn t really a building project.

Hi guys welcome back to the channel and. Welcome back to another long. Awaited home video so in this video i am. Going to show you. My full glam dining room in a small. Space usually when you see dining rooms. You see them in a separate. Room of their own with a lot of space. And i just want to show you guys that. You don't necessarily have to have a lot. Of space in order to achieve that same. Full-on glam look. So i'm going to show you around a bit. And then i'm going to get into the. Details of everything where i got. Everything from. And how i achieve this look thanks so. Much for watching guys. Okay guys so let's start with this. Beautiful table this table is amazing it. Is my favorite i love the chrome legs on. It this table is from z. Gallery it is no longer sold it's. Discontinued it is called the towson. Table. This table was about seventeen hundred. Dollars but of course i did not pay that. I got it from. Facebook marketplace along with these. Chairs which are originally from. i'm not sure of the original. Price i think they're set. Sold in a set of two but of course i got. Them. 

With the dining table from facebook. Marketplace all for six hundred dollars. I know i said that in a previous dining. Room tour. And i still love them and guys the rug. Is from overstock i love getting all my. Rugs from there i'll link everything. That i can down below but i. Absolutely love that rug let's get into. The center pieces so these centerpieces. Are a z gallery dupe i believe they do. Sell something or they used to sell. Something very similar but mine came. From home goods for a fraction of the. Price. I do have two large ones on the outer. Ends and a smaller one. In the center and sometimes i put. Candles on these sometimes i put small. Floral arrangements i just switched them. Up here i'm showing you. The possibilities are in this as far as. The place settings. So the placemats are from the gallery. Along with the spruso chargers. The actual dishes are all from home. Goods. And the napkin rings are from target. My i love my wine glasses they are an. Amazing. Amazing quality i love the chrome. Look of them and i got those from home. Goods as well in a pack. Of four i believe. Let's talk about this beautiful modern. Chandelier when i saw this i knew i had. To have it this is from west elm. It does come in a smaller size as well i. Did not like the price so of course i. Got it from facebook marketplace brand. New. 

For only two hundred dollars. My bar card is from target it is from. The threshold brand. It is no longer available i do believe. They discontinued this. But i think i paid 120 for it a few. Years ago and i love it it's perfect for. Small spaces. And i love the fact that it is shaped as. A square instead of a circle that's. Something that you don't see. Every day but i just have it here. Decorated um with some sparkling water. Still water. Wine glasses a bottle of wine and. Just some other small things at the top. That you would need for cocktails my. Mirror and wall. Sconces are from the gallery i believe. They are discontinued as well but they. Do have something similar these are. Really nice i got them on clearance from. The gallery for about. Fifty dollars each and i got the candles. From pier one imports. My mirror is a fine from home goods i. Got it for 99. and i actually like the. Contrast of. The mirror border around it which is. Also mirrored i didn't see anything like. It before. And i really liked it and i thought the. Price was a steal. Next up we have my mirrored buffet i. Love this cabinet now i got this from a. Mom and pop. Website online but a similar one is. Available on i'll try to. Link it down below. I believe i paid five hundred dollars. For it and i think that's comparable to. The price. Of the wayfarer one except this one is a. Little bit bigger but this is

When you know exactly what you want and you want something simple the best thing to do is build it yourself.

It really isn t that difficult and took me about three days to complete. After a visit to crate and barrel i made the decision to move forward with building a farmhouse dining room table. This does not give you a very thorough description of how to make the table. Diy dining table dining tables can be very expensive especially if you have to seat a large number of people.

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