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Build Sliding Barn Door

 Build Sliding Barn Door. If needed you can substitute 1x10 t g boards for 1x8 1x12 or even 2x6 or 2x8 boards. 11 x 14 glass pane.

Diy Single Sliding Barn Door Sugar Maple Notes Making Barn Doors Diy Sliding Barn Door Diy Door
Diy Single Sliding Barn Door Sugar Maple Notes Making Barn Doors Diy Sliding Barn Door Diy Door from

Just a quick search on pinterest for sliding barn door and it s obvious how popular they are right now. 1 1 4 kreg screws. 11 x 14 glass pane.

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What we're gonna get up to today it's. Pretty cool got some boards here so you. See what we got going on here we got 1. By 8 they're called barn barn wood pine. Boards and what they either like the. Shiplap right so that overlaps this and. Then on each board and then 1 by 8 and. They're nice-looking pine right it's. Gonna look cool so where these are going. We're gonna put them on the cathedral. Now so we almost went with some other. Options they were like man this is our. Forever home so we want to put what we. Want on it. Right we want it to have definitely look. We have we don't want to go and put. Something on there and then a couple. Years down the road regret that we. Didn't put what we wanted on there right. So we're gonna throw those up and. Another thing we got which we're. Probably not gonna put up today we're. Going to show you anyway because now we. Have it is this here light so that there. Is gonna be the light in the kitchen you. Know we did the kitchen boards not long. Ago well this here lights gonna hang. From the kitchen and this is a dc light. But the two wires that i already have in. There to hook up to that and we're gonna.

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1 1 4 kreg screws.

We ll be teaching you how to build just 1 barn door but you may see lots of extra wood in some of the pictures because we did each task in batches for all four doors. This both looks better and provides more of a sound barrier between rooms. Diy sliding barn door hardware is available in all manner of styles and budgets and the door options are limitless from salvage finds to original diy creations like this one a mix of pallet wood and common cedar. This sliding barn door tutorial is detailed with step by step instructions to build your own custom barn door.

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